Thinking of building a swimming pool? Here’s everything you should know

Having a pool in your backyard is an exciting outlook and can make your backyard a haven of relaxation and pleasure that your family and friends will love. But before you take a plunge, there is a lot to know before building a pool, as you want to ensure the type you envision best fits your needs and property. One popular pool type that combines durability, easy maintenance and stylish design is the fibreglass pool. Before diving into your adventure, here is a closer look at everything you should know about fibreglass pools to build your perfect backyard oasis.

Fibreglass pools are made from fibreglass and reinforced plastic. The finished pool shells have a smooth, non-porous surface that is stain-resistant and more durable than other materials. The composite material is made with extremely fine strands of glass combined with a plastic resin, creating a robust material that can be moulded into complex shapes. 

Fibreglass pools have become the top choice for swimming pools among homeowners due to their durability. Unlike concrete pools, which are likely to crack and deteriorate over time, with proper care and maintenance, fibreglass pools can last for many years as the material does not corrode or degrade from sun exposure, making it a wise investment in the value of your property.

Choosing a fibreglass pool means great enjoyment and little maintenance, as the smooth and non-porous surface prevents algae growth. Thus, your pool does not require heavy cleaning and scrubbing and far less chemical treatment than concrete, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

Another benefit of fibreglass pools is their quick installation time. Unlike concrete pools, which are built on-site and require extended construction time and many staff, the moulds of fibreglass pools are transported pre-fabricated to your home and can be installed on the premises in as little as 3-5 days. 

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Fibreglass pools can be designed to create custom pool shapes and sizes to suit your individual preferences and backyard layout. Options include freeform designs or a more classic and elegant geometrical shape to complement your vision of an aesthetic backyard oasis. Consider incorporating features such as built-in steps and tanning ledges or mosaic tiles to enhance the visual and functional appeal of your new fibreglass pool even more.

Fibreglass pools have high insulating capabilities and can hold heat for an extended amount of time. Thus, you can extend the swimming season without worrying about your utility bills due to their low energy consumption. The shorter installation time translates to lower labour costs than concrete pools, and their low maintenance requirements make fibreglass pools a cost-effective investment.

To keep your fibreglass pool looking fresh for decades to come, ask your professional pool builder to inspect the mechanical systems annually. All you need to do yourself is sweep the walls and floor weekly with a non-abrasive brush, test and balance the chemicals according to usage and clean the filter monthly. By following these simple maintenance steps, your fibreglass pool will provide beauty, enjoyment and convenience for your backyard leisure for years to come.

While fibreglass pools come with a multitude of benefits, the key to ensuring your pool stands the test of time is a professional installation. Thus, working with a reputable pool builder is crucial. They have the expertise to prepare your site correctly, handle the delicate transportation and installation process, and provide guidance on pool maintenance and care. Reach out to a trusted pool builder to discuss your options and start creating your own slice of paradise right in your backyard today.

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