Using ChatGPT To Rewrite ‘Game Of Thrones? OpenAI CoFounder Says “That Is What Entertainment Will Look Like”

Using ChatGPT To Rewrite ‘Game Of Thrones? OpenAI CoFounder Says “That Is What Entertainment Will Look Like”

Are you one of the millions of fans who wished HBO's Game of Thrones didn't end the way it did? Fix it with artificial intelligence!

That's at least one use case that OpenAI co-founder and president Greg Brockman proposes for his company's ChatGPT AI generator. Brockman compared the technology to a bunch of "helpers" who aren't perfect but are "hungry and never tired," saying ChatGPT can help with the "hard work" of writing and coding, but also has the potential to add something to a fun interactive experience.

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"That's what entertainment is going to be like," Brockman said during a panel at SXSW on Friday. "Maybe people are still upset about the final season of Game of Thrones." Imagine if you could have your AI create a new ending that looks different and even makes you the main character or something."

Hollywood producers have already begun to consider the potential positive and negative effects of ChatGPT on TV and film production. As The Hollywood Reporter noted in January, organizations like the Writers Guild of America West said they are "monitoring the development of ChatGPT and similar technologies if additional protections are needed for writers," though screenwriters interviewed by THR said they may look into ChatGPT. As a tool that facilitates the writing process rather than replacing the work of writers.

Media companies like BuzzFeed are more open to using AI for content like custom quizzes through the OpenAI API, but not using the technology to write news articles.

During his SXSW panel, Brockman said that ChatGPT would be more willing to do things where users "don't want human intervention in the first place," such as: B. Moderation of content.

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"Every aspect of life has been enhanced in some way by this technology and I'm sure there are aspects, people or companies that will say, 'I don't want that' and that's great," he said. "I think it's really going to be a tool, like a phone in your pocket, that's going to be available when it's realized."

OpenAI has received a large influx of cash from partner companies such as Microsoft, which invested $10 billion in OpenAI under a multi-year deal that will give the tech giant access to generative artificial intelligence programs.

Pressured by ChatGPT's propensity to spread misinformation and concerns about the potential psychic abilities of chatbots like Microsoft's Sydney (the latter of which Microsoft has imposed restrictions on), Brockman said those bugs are on the rise.

"We want to build trust and understand where to trust, understand where to put fences," Brockman said, without elaborating on future chatbot updates. "It's a learning pain."

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