Under The Dome: What Do North Carolina Lawmakers Think Of The Trump Indictment News?

Under The Dome: What Do North Carolina Lawmakers Think Of The Trump Indictment News?

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Happy Friday! Daniel is here again. Tired of hearing that former President Donald Trump could be impeached any day now? And so are we.

D.C. reporters have been on high alert all week to cover the resolution, which Trump has promised to pass on Tuesday. And still…

We are still waiting.

The preface is written:

His supporters are calling for protests around the Manhattan courthouse and the US Capitol guardhouse.

And when a decision is made, our fingers are waiting to type whatever answer we want.

I mentioned we are still waiting.

Now, if you're one of the lucky few who don't know what I'm talking about, you should know that last Saturday, Trump announced that he was going to be arrested on charges of paying a porn star. Keeping quiet about your 2006 efforts in the 2016 election year.

I give it to Trump. He knows it makes us all stop, look and talk.

The news completely ignored the conference of Republican lawmakers in Orlando, Florida, and for days Trump was the only one who spoke.

Some of the speeches are unwelcome to lawmakers.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy , R-Calif., tweeted:

McCarthy added that he has directed the appropriate committees to investigate whether federal funds are being used "to undermine our democracy through politically motivated interference in elections."

Richard Hudson responded by saying he agreed with McCarthy and that it was disgusting.

"This out-of-control Soros-backed prosecutor is focused on ridiculous, politically motivated prosecutions instead of fighting the crime wave in his city." Hudson tweeted:

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Hudson is the chairman of the Republican National Congressional Committee and lives in Southern Pines. If you're not one of his constituents, and he knows it, he was the one who silenced his colleague, Matt Goetz , so he wouldn't derail his representative during January's tough 4th House election. It was all over the news.

Other lawmakers were bombarded with questions from reporters as they held press conferences or walked the halls of the Capitol building. (Sorry senators)

He turned to R. Jeff Jackson , Democrat of Charlotte, on Fox News Live.

Asked about Trump's possible impeachment as a former prosecutor, Jackson was asked what members of Congress were saying about Trump's impeachment.

"It seems like a long time ago," Jackson said. "Everyone deserves their day in court and that no one is above the law."

It happened again when Sen. Ted Budd, R-Davie County, exited the subway between the Russell Building and the U.S. Capitol. Bud told me to have the press secretary make a statement about Trump.

"As charges have not yet been filed, Senator Budd has no further comment, but is deeply concerned about the highly partisan nature of Mr. Bragg's trial," said Budd spokesman Curtis Kalin .

Republican Sen. Tom Tillis of Huntersville arrived minutes later at the U.S. Capitol on another subway from the Dirkson Building.

Tillis said: "We in Congress should be above the mainstream, but why now?" I think it is fair to ask this question.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided not to file charges against Trump, and Tillis wondered why Bragg, who takes office in 2022, waited until now.

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"The reality can change, but at the same time, if a person appreciates the reality and it is a different attitude, was there a political motivation?" Tillis asked.

Tillis said the evidence suggests the district attorney either had new information that led to an indictment or was politically motivated.


… we are waiting.

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