These 11 Antique Computers Are Actually Made Out Of Paper

These 11 Antique Computers Are Actually Made Out Of Paper

There's nothing cooler than old computers, and Canadian artist Rocky Bergen has spent years creating paper replicas. From early Apple models to Ataris, Commodores and early IBM computers, Bergen has managed to create authentic recreations of retro hardware interiors.

"I like to pay homage to exceptional design and I can learn a lot by revisiting these famous designs. Making these items introduces me to the DNA of computer design and gives me lots of great ideas for my own projects. “, Bergen told Gizmodo. That's how I know computers. I started designing in 1993, so of course I've had a passion for gadgets ever since," Bergen said.

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Looking at this portfolio, you'll feel like you've been transported to another era. Bergen said he used what is called a bone file, a flat-bladed tool often used in bookbinding and origami. Paper such as A3 and cardboard are used. Bergen began his career three decades ago in the 1990s when he was still in high school. He then studied art and made his passion for design his profession.

“The first document is Amstrad CPC 464. It was basically a box and I thought it couldn't be too heavy. I spend most of my time on the keyboard, so I wasn't sure I could put it together, but I cut it all out and I'm very happy with my little Amstrad,” Bergen said. have never seen not. in real life, but when I saw it on the little table, it was a little more realistic."

In addition to displaying the paper works on his website, he also provides links to diagrams that users can download and print to create their own designs. Bergen says he is always working on new projects. "I finished my Apple II yesterday, so I expect it to be available soon. I also have some vectors that are about to expire," he added.

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Scroll down to find out about the great things to do in Bergen, and if you want to do something new, check out the Bergen website for more.

Apple 2

Apple II.

Apple – Lisa 1

Apple – Lisa 1.

Apple Macintosh 128K

Apple Macintosh 128K

Atari 520ST

Atari 520ST.

BBC microcomputer

BBC microcomputer.

Advanced Nintendo Video System

Nintendo AVS – 1985 prototype.

Commodore 64

Commodore 64.

Commodore Vik-20

Commodore Vik-20.

Commodore PET/CBM 2001

Commodore PET/CBM 2001.

IBM 5150 Personal Computer

IBM 5150 computer.

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