‘The Night Agent Star Gabriel Basso Is A Hollywood Hottie! His Hometown, Love Life Details And More

‘The Night Agent Star Gabriel Basso Is A Hollywood Hottie! His Hometown, Love Life Details And More

Runaway star! Netflix viewers can't stop talking about Gabriel Basso, the star of the latest action series on the streaming service, Night Agent . The main character is played by Peter Sutherland.

"Thank you if you had a hand in making this show," the actor said ahead of the show's February 2023 premiere in March.

He may be a famous actor, but Gabriel has many other hobbies! Read on to find out all about the Night Agent star.

Who is Gabriel Basso?

A native of St. Louis, he began his acting career in 2007 before landing cameo roles in the 2011 film Super 8 and the 2013 film Kings of Summer . Fans will recognize the stars from Ithaca and The Big C, among other projects.

"At first I didn't want to be an actor, I wanted to be a professional footballer and I still do," Gabriel told Hero magazine in 2015. "At the time of the show, I started a show called The Big C , which ran for four years."

Gabriel Basso is about to become a seal

His "Batman" persona may be working for the FBI, and series executive Sean Ryan told TV Insider that the actor's job is very different.

"He almost became a Marine until he busted his lip," Sean recalls. I said, "Peter is not as bad as you in real life." "

Apart from being an actor, Gabriel is also an avid weightlifter as he revealed on his Instagram profile. Today he is an artist and a "certified builder".

"After a week of hard work, I passed the Level I exam. I am officially a DSWA Certified Mason and Salesman," Gabriel shared on Instagram. "I'm no longer just a joker with no purpose other than entertainment. I can also regularly stack rocks on top of other rocks. Level 2 is coming soon."

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Is Gabriel Basso Single?

While the former Showtime star has kept her private life out of the public eye, it's unclear where her relationship stands. However, the actor often talks about his parentage on social media.

"Look at the abyss of insanity. When you live in chaos, your thinking becomes chaotic and scattered," the iCarly alum shared in February 2023. "This is the secret of staying tense and enjoying the madness. Always keep your guess. Enemies and enemies do not know your movements. Next, always keep your weapon with you. Always hold your wrist while talking to the little ones.

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