Computers And Internet News

Computers And Internet News

Will future computers work on human brain cells?

A 'biocomputer' powered by human brain cells could be created in our lifetime, say researchers, who believe such a technology would be beyond the capabilities of current tech…

New materials could be the key to solving quantum computing problems.

New chip to reveal data streams shows energy efficiency

Let the light (control).

But to succeed in such a novel…

Theory can distinguish order from chaos in complex quantum systems.

Engineers have discovered a new way to control atomic nuclei, such as "qubits."

The method is based on the measurement and control of curves…

The proposed quantum device can accurately detect the particles represented by Fibonacci Anyon.

Validating supply chains with quantum computing

When the light in the nanoworld does not turn on or off

The results could lead to new types of computers…

Stop or continue? This can mean a computer.

Can an app tell you if you're not ready for a first date? Engineers say the technology may not be far off. They trained a computer to understand the type of conversation two people are having.

The chromo encryption method uses color to encrypt secrets

Scientists amplify quantum signals by reducing noise

Scientists are making great strides in developing practical quantum computers that can solve the major challenges of our time.


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Solve the machine learning puzzle

Researchers have explained how large language models like GPT-3 can learn new tasks without improving their parameters, even if they are not trained to perform those tasks. They found that…

Entangled atoms cross quantum networks from lab to lab

Bound ions are only captured in the lab. Now the teams have paired two ions 230 meters apart. The nodes of this network are located in two laboratories…

Researchers are creating a new way to 'quantum light'

Researchers have taken a step toward new quantum simulators.

If successfully measured, the team's new system could help answer questions about special types of superconductors and other unusual…

A new method for controlling electron spin leads to efficient quantum computers

Researchers have developed a new way to control information in a quantum system by controlling the spin of electrons in a silicon quantum dot. The results suggest a promising new method for…

Qubit on powerful stimuli

An international team of researchers has made a major move to preserve the quantum coherence of the spin quantum box in an international search for applied quantum networks and quantum computing.

Quantum physicists have achieved major nanoscopic advances.

In a new discovery, researchers have solved a problem that has puzzled quantum researchers for years. Researchers can now control two quantum light sources instead of one. Simple things like…

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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