The NFL Is The Most Popular Sport To Bet On

The NFL Is The Most Popular Sport To Bet On

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Sports betting is generating interest among fans, America's favorite sport, the NFL, is becoming the favorite sport for American bettors.

Exclusive data provided by CRG Global to Variety Intelligence shows that four out of five mobile sportsbooks bet on the NFL in October. That's a lot more than the next most popular betting sport, the NBA (54%), followed by MLB (44%, it was a playoff, with fewer betting games) and American football (34). %).

CRG Global found a direct link between betting and viewing, with two-thirds of mobile gamers saying they watch more NFL games when they bet on a game.

An interesting takeaway from the VIP+ ratio is that NFL stakes among athletes increase with age. Although it is one of the most popular sports among young consumers, its appeal is less strong and reflects a trend towards increased competition from the NBA.

The impact of the NFL can be seen in real terms when looking at the total amount of bets each month in states that allow sports betting. With the return of the NFL playoffs and regular season, countered by the appeal of pro football with only the annual March NCAA frenzy, the stakes are up.

Another interesting result of the partnership between Variety Intelligence Platform and CRG Global is that a proportionate majority of sports bettors bet on the NFL. The number of fans who never bet is much lower than in other sports, but the NFL also has more fans who rarely bet, perhaps just regular players who bet on big games and events.

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In the current season of the NFL, many games have reached the finals, which increases the interest in betting. Most sports bettors have said that the unpredictability of this season's games has made them more interested in betting, meaning they will be more cautious until the team is off the field.

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