The Best Sport Sunglasses That Protect Your Eyes Through Any Activity


The Best Sport Sunglasses That Protect Your Eyes Through Any Activity

That might sound like an exaggeration, but we'd classify sports goggles as helmet-like protection, only if you've had a bike accident, slipped on skis, or tripped on the road because you can't see easily. The area. in the future. about you. High-quality lenses and frames enhance your vision, so you can see every bump, bump, and ridge, no matter how bright or flat the light is. After all, if you spend hours outdoors, the best sports sunglasses will reduce eye strain, protect against dust and debris, and add style to your look.

Sports sunglasses are superior to regular sunglasses because unlike the cheap $10 shades you can find at your local thrift store, they're designed to withstand sweat and enough abuse. They should feel comfortable on your face at the temples and bridge of the nose all day long when wearing a helmet or winter hat. And even if they're not trendy, sports glasses should look good on your face.

Below, we've talked to athletes and outdoor experts to bring you the best sports sunglasses for every outdoor activity. Find a pair that fits your needs and never let heaven stop you from getting one.

Fit: Loose / Universal | UV protection: 100% polarized. Some lenses

When I asked multi-sport athlete and outdoor photographer Mackenzie Lambert about her favorite pair of sunglasses, she was quick to respond. This classic shoe is loved by cyclists, runners and skiers for its full coverage design and contrast-enhancing lenses.

"I have very sensitive blue eyes, so when I'm in remote areas I have to protect myself from snow blindness," Lambert said. (Snow blindness refers to temporary eye pain when UV rays reflect off snow. That's why sunglasses are so important for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.) It causes permanent lens wear in the eye. As I have tried with other snow goggles,” he explains. Instead, they allow air to pass through the sides to prevent moisture build-up. He also likes to look good in all kinds of hats, from beanies to baseball caps to helmets.

The sides.

  • Large selection of lens colors, option to buy replaceable lenses.
  • Excellent coverage and protection thanks to the round shape
  • Set up on the Oakley website.

The cons.

  • A cropped cut is not suitable for all face shapes.

Fit: Slim, Small/Medium UV protection: 100% polarized. Yes

I'm not very good with sunglasses. I always take them out and take them off, drop them on a rock when I'm trying to get out, and leave them in my bag unprotected when I get the chance. (I know, yes I'm working on it.) Suffice it to say that most of my glasses scratch to the point where they do more harm than good. But after a multi-day bike ride, a week-long mountain hike, and daily use on my commute, my erection is still going strong. Given their compact and lightweight design, I was impressed with their durability.

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Classic rounded frames aren't what most people think of when they hear the term "sports sunglasses." And while they don't offer as much face coverage for high-speed cycling or downhill skiing, Oriental sunglasses are versatile and designed for everyday use or high-performance activities. This is mainly due to better accommodation. The ceramic nose pads are adjustable (no pressure points on the bridge of the nose) and the Hexate temples are so comfortable that even under a bike helmet I don't notice I'm wearing my glasses. If you want sports sunglasses but don't want the flashy colors and patterns that come with them, this is the pair for you.

The sides.

  • Timeless style with three frame/lens combinations
  • Comfortable enough for everyday wear
  • It comes with a heavy case

The cons.

  • It doesn't have the same coverage and protection as sports glasses.

fit : crafty | UV protection: 100% polarized. Yes

Elena Wright, an avid runner and runner from Salt Lake City, uses Goodrs, a fun yet functional contrast brand that challenges the sunglasses industry with design. During the Wright Group's winter runs, "all the girls in their thirties are seen in the same sunglasses." When asked why, he explained that they are "affordable, durable, don't drop and are good eye protection." In addition, they are beautiful and have many color options.

The plastic strap has a cut-out shape on the nose that keeps it in place even when you start to sweat and the lightweight plastic straps stay in place without swaying when stepping on rocks (or potholes). All Gooder models come with polarized lenses and a wide range of styles and colors means you can find a pair that suits your mood. And at $25, they're the most affordable on our list, but they'll last if you take good care of them.

The sides.

  • Affordable (best choice for people prone to breaking or losing points)
  • Many color and style options
  • Very simple

The cons.

  • Reviewers note that the folding mechanism breaks easily

Very popular

Size : Medium UV protection: 100% polarized. No.

These ultra-lightweight sunglasses are designed for long days on the road when you don't want your gear weighing you down. They weigh only 21 grams, so whether you wear them on your face or in your bag, you won't notice them. The rimless shape gives you a wide field of vision so you can see obstacles from all angles, while Bonsai temples ensure a comfortable fit regardless of your head shape. You can also customize the nosepad.

What I love about the Zeiss lenses is the clarity and sharpness of the colors, and the hydrophobic coating does a great job of preventing moisture build-up, even when you're breathing in cold weather. They say they are indestructible, although we have not tested this feature. Overall, this is one of the lightest full-coverage sunglasses available, making it ideal for runners looking for lightweight and durable sunglasses.

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The sides.

  • Very simple
  • A range of lens colors with different levels of light filtering
  • Asian nose bridge included.

The cons.

Size : Medium UV protection: 100% polarized. Yes

Sunski Treeline sunglasses are a great choice for hiking if you learn more about their many features to provide adequate protection and comfort. Polarized lenses reduce glare, making it easier to see in bright sunlight, especially when hiking near water or at high altitudes. And the lenses are impact resistant, which is very important when driving on slippery or uneven terrain.

Sunski Treeline shades are designed for comfort on long hikes. They have a lightweight yet sturdy frame that won't weigh you down or make you uncomfortable for long hours of use, and adjustable, non-slip nose pads keep them secure even when you're sweaty or on the move. Fast. To protect your surroundings, the sunglasses feature removable magnetic sun visors that reduce corner glare while skiing. Sunsky also includes a microfiber cleaning bag and protective case, making it easy to store and transport when not in use. Choose from four color options, one of which will complement your runway style.

The sides.

  • Molded noses and temples provide additional grip
  • Removable sunscreens reduce glare
  • The design comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The frames are made from recycled plastic

The cons.

  • Lightweight frames can be a bit more fragile.

Size : Medium UV protection: 100% polarized. No.

Designed to meet the challenges of competitive riding, the Rapha Pro rimless cycling glasses are among the best on the market. The hinged hinges retain their shape so the glasses are easy to put on and take off even while riding, while the odorless design allows for an unobstructed view in all directions. While they have the same wide lens profile as most sunglasses, the flexible temples are tapered to fit wider head widths than rigid sunglasses like the Oakley Sutro.

You can choose from three lenses with different levels of light transmission: glass black (10%), green violet (15%) and rose blue (21%). However, remember that the lenses are fixed (if you want this feature, choose full-frame Raffa glasses), which reduces the flexibility of these glasses. For example, the high light transmission of rose-blue lenses means they can be seen well on overcast days, but can be too light for bright conditions. Basically, every lens color has a trade-off.

The sides.

  • The frameless design provides an excellent field of view
  • High contrast lenses allow you to see obstacles
  • Small beauty and bright colors

The cons.

  • Unable to change lenses
  • Shadows do not come in Asian form

little | UV protection: 100% polarized. Some lenses

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If you've pored over mountaineering history books or spent hours studying ancient mountaineering, these snow goggles will look familiar. Julbo has reissued this Vermont classic for its 125th anniversary to honor its design heritage, but the simple design—a metal frame with leather sides for a visor—has been updated with modern technology (especially light lenses with impressive optics). ) if you plan to use it for high-altitude trips, you can spend the extra money on Alti Arc 4 lenses, which are mineral glasses with a very low light transmission (7%), but an amazing view. But if you plan on using your shades randomly, Spectron lenses should be right up your alley.

The only problem with them is the temples on the temples. The soft curved tips at the ends of the temple close behind the ear for comfort, but while the curved tips may be comfortable for some, I found them to be very uncomfortable after extended use. So I take them when I mix glacier travel with traditional dirt trails, but I don't use them for snow day trips. Some reviewers say they feel more comfortable after breaking them in, so if you plan to use them all day, you might want to stretch them or work with rubber.

The sides.

  • Excellent visibility in low light conditions
  • Full eye protection with leather clips
  • Ancient beauty

The cons.

  • Difficult to put on and take off (which honestly makes them safer)
  • Rounded temple tips may be uncomfortable

Size : Medium UV protection: 100% polarized. Yes

Whether you're wading through a sun-drenched stream to catch trout or casting your reel from the back of a boat into the endless ocean, your fishing goggles should be designed for when you're on the water. When flying in shallow water, the copper lens provides high contrast so you can see movement below the surface of the water, while the gray lens blocks out light. Tinted lenses can be useful in direct sunlight when you want to reduce eye strain but not improve visibility. In any case, you should choose polarized lenses that reduce unwanted reflections from the water.

Bozeman, Montana angler Ben McCall turned to Suncloud for high-quality lenses at an affordable price. "Because they have good optics, they've been able to keep polarized lenses affordable for the masses and for people like me who want to overuse them and lose a little something like glasses," she explains. "I find that the lens color itself is more important than anything else when it comes to reducing glare in certain lights and watercolors."

The sides.

  • The same glare reduction and comfort as the most expensive sunglasses
  • Available with both copper and gray lenses.

The cons.

  • Some reviewers note that it is loose and unsafe

How to choose the best sunglasses for eye protection


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