HP Computers

HP Computers

I am disgusted at how bad the customer service is to help with repairs, I have been an HP customer for over 20 years, bought over 400 computers/laptops and have never had such bad customer service in my life. I started an issue 4 months ago and have received nothing but emails to troubleshoot why my computer is overheating.

They sent me to my house saying the computer was overheating and obviously needed a new case. This is a common problem with the OMEN 30L, especially the 3080/3090. When I try to record a video, the computer is very noisy and I can't record with any sound quality, the noise is so loud that the only way I can use it is to open the enclosure with a fan to cool it down. They finally called me and said they didn't trust the tech they sent and wanted to check. Remember, the technician was sent to my home, not the one I brought to look at it.

I sent the desktop to HP for another test, the technician called me back and said "yeah your computer is running really fast and has no applications". Then I received an email from the technician telling me that someone would call me. The email simply stated that since no problems were found with the computer, the desktop would be returned to me. Then the computer was installed and sent to me without anyone talking to me or trying to fix the problem. The problem remains: the computer overheats and becomes unusable. I need someone higher up to help me with this and I have been dealing with this company and such poor customer service. Both technicians told me that this was a known issue with the 30L and that HP could not fix it under their warranty. I am done with this company and will make sure my over 11.4 million followers know more about HP and how they treat their customers.

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