Taylor Jenkins Reids ‘Carrie Soto Is Back Movie: Cast, Release Date Details, More

Taylor Jenkins Reids ‘Carrie Soto Is Back Movie: Cast, Release Date Details, More

Whore is back and on its way to the big screen! This is reported by author Taylor Jenkins Reed In 2022, he is rumored to be preparing for a 2022 film adaptation of his novel The Return of Kara Soto .

"After completing the manuscript for CARRIE SOTTO , the wonderful people at @picturestart were the perfect partners to turn it into a fantastic adaptation," the author shared on Instagram in March 2023, along with a personal photo of Carrie. Soto tennis ball. "They **get** Carrie, they love it as much as I do, and they understand the essence and potential of this story. There are a few more steps to take before it hits your screen, but I'll keep you posted. Carrie, Javier, now that's one So blessed to work with a great team, Beau, Gwen and Nikki to save your life

Read on to know everything about the film including release date, cast and more.

What is "Carrie Soto Returns"?

Cary Soto Returns continues ties to the TJR universe by following the story of tennis player Cary Soto, which first appeared in the author's 2021 novel Malibu Rebellion. At age 37, Carey came out of retirement to reclaim his record when a new, younger player entered the scene.

In April 2022, Taylor said in a post on Instagram: “She acts like she's bigger than everybody. He doesn't smile enough. Tennis players in sports history. Whether I like it or not. And I love that about him."

Who is Carrie Sotho Returns?

At this time, records are unknown.

When is The Return of Carrie Soth coming out?

It is not known when the film will be released.

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What does Taylor Jenkins Reid say about Kerry Soto's return?

At the launch of the book, Taylor revealed that Carey Soto is not as "interesting" as her other main roles.

"I'm happy today. She's strong. The way she looks, the way her body looks, she defies our idea of ​​what a woman should be. And I really wanted that feeling of strength to come first," the author told Entertainment Weekly in August 2022. "I write about famous women, about what famous women are." They have a certain understanding of how to look. Kerry didn't, and it was completely intentional. »

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