Lakers News: Insider Outlines Playoff Alignment That Could Lead To StarStudded LA First Round

Lakers News: Insider Outlines Playoff Alignment That Could Lead To StarStudded LA First Round

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Crossed fingers.

As The Ring's Bill Simmons pointed out in a flagship podcast with Rob Mahoney, the Los Angeles Lakers and their Arena neighbors, the Los Angeles Clippers, these all-star clubs could soon turn Los Angeles into a first-round basketball mecca. in the playoffs. . from.

The Lakers boast future Hall of Famers LeBron James and Anthony Davis, while the Clippers boast future Hall of Famers Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Today I was thinking that if the Lakers get the eighth seed and we go 4-5 against the Suns Clippers [in the first round], we'll have the world in the games of the third and fourth [a] rounds, [Kevin] Durant, [Devin] Booker, Chris Paul and [Nikola] Jokic are all in town," Simmons said.

This is an important point. Eight super duper big stars, all in or close to their prime (James and Paul remain very strong players, though not in their prime), all in LA at the same time.

“Four home games, third and fourth, maybe some on the same day. 20 years, they all pass. And if one of them plays six games, like six games, you can go back to… Suns Clippers, Denver. "Lakers," Simmons continued. “I've been here for 20 years and we've only made the playoffs twice, which sounds crazy but it's true. And the first year was bubble season… I'm excited because both teams are in this series… the Clippers can stay with a suspended team… and then the Lakers… I don't see these guys staying healthy for six weeks.

The medical staff in Los Angeles must prove Simmons wrong.

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