Microsoft is mulling a change for widgets in Windows 11 that could prove controversial

Microsoft has deployed a new preview build of Windows 11 to the Canary channel (which is the earliest testing outlet) and it does some work on the widgets panel that could be divisive. This is build 26200 and there’s only a handful of changes applied here, two of which pertain to widgets. The main thrust … Read more

Galaxy Books with Windows can now show more widgets on lock screen

Earlier this year, Microsoft updated Windows 11 with the ability to show a card containing the weather information on the lock screen, allowing people to check the forecast without unlocking the device. Well, the company is now updating the operating system with the ability to show cards for other types of updates on the lock … Read more

Awesome iOS 17 iPhone Widgets You Should Check Out

As the digital landscape of our iPhones becomes ever more integral to our daily lives, the introduction of innovative widgets with iOS 17 has been a game-changer. Widgets, those small interactive tools that reside on our home screens, have evolved beyond mere shortcuts, transforming into comprehensive, at-a-glance solutions for a myriad of everyday tasks and … Read more

Amazing iPhone Widgets You Should Check Out (Video)

In the dynamic world of iPhone apps, widgets have emerged as a game-changer for users seeking a more personalized and efficient smartphone experience. A recent video from Stephen Robles gives us a treasure trove of information, and delves deep into this world, showcasing 42 iPhone widgets, each with its own unique widget functionality. Spanning various … Read more