Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes Unusual Appearance in Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Premiere Video

Apple CEO Tim Cook today appeared in Porsche’s video announcement for the Taycan Turbo GT electric performance car. The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is the most powerful production car the brand has ever made. During its premiere video, Porsche briefly showed off its custom race engineer cockpit app for the Vision Pro that allows a … Read more

15 Unusual Midjourney 6 material styles to experiment with

Last week the development team at Midjourney made available its new web-based image creation user interface showing how the AI art generator is moving away from Discord. Available to Midjourney users with over 5,000 image creations the new web browser based AI art creation system within Midjourney features a number of controls, sliders and options … Read more

15 Midjourney 6 unusual material styles to create unique effects

AI master artist Thaeyne has released a new video exploring unusual materials in Midjourney 6 providing a glimpse at what you can use in the way of prompts to create some fantastic AI artwork. The latest update to the Midjourney, version 6.0 offers users a wealth of new enhancements to enjoy enabling them to blend … Read more