Amphion open source Text-to-Speech (TTS) AI model

If you’re venturing into the world of audio, music, and speech generation, you’ll be pleased to know that a new open-source AI  Text-to-Speech (TTS) toolkit called Amphion might be worth further consideration and investigation. Designed with both seasoned experts and budding researchers in mind, Amphion stands as a robust platform for transforming various inputs into … Read more

Real Gemini demo built using GPT4 Vision, Whisper and TTS

If like me you were a little disappointed to learn that the Google Gemini demonstration released earlier this month was more about clever editing rather than technology advancements. You will be pleased to know that perhaps we won’t have to wait too long before something similar is available to use. After seeing the Google Gemini … Read more

Building AI sports commentators using GPT4 Vision and TTS

In the ever-evolving domain of sports and Esports, the introduction of AI commentary is reshaping how we experience these events. Unlike human commentators, AI brings a level of consistency and reliability that is unaffected by fatigue or emotional bias. This translates into a steady, quality commentary throughout an event, ensuring that every moment is captured … Read more