I went looking for the inventors building real Star Wars lightsabers and was surprised at what I found

21st-century science has all the necessary principles to create a working Star Wars lightsaber, but not the know-how. A few years ago, Swiss fusion physicist Federico Felici explained in detail to The Science Museum blog how hot plasma contorted into an elongated, 3,100-degree Fahrenheit toroidal cylinder (think of a doughnut stretched into a long tube) … Read more

Color me surprised: Kobo’s finally beaten Kindle with its latest ereaders

Color ereaders aren’t new – brands like Onyx and PocketBook have been making them for a while – but I’ve been waiting a long time to see a color-screen Kindle or Kobo. It’s finally happened with the Japanese-Canadian brand today (April 10) announcing not one, but two new color ereaders at the same time! Called … Read more