MSI motherboards now support 256GB of memory

MSI has  announced that both its AMD and Intel motherboards now support an impressive 256GB of memory. This is big news for anyone who uses their computer for heavy-duty tasks and needs their machine to handle multiple processes smoothly and efficiently. For those who use Intel processors, this update is relevant to MSI’s 700 and … Read more

MSI MAG 341CQP QD-OLED gaming monitor arrives this month

Immerse yourself in the next level of gaming with MSI’s innovative MAG 341CQP QD-OLED monitor, a cutting-edge display that promises to elevate your gaming experience. This monitor is a blend of the latest Quantum Dot and OLED technologies, offering gamers deep blacks and a broad color range for a truly immersive experience. As you dive … Read more

First 18″ 4K 120Hz laptop with mini LED display unveiled by MSI

Well-known in the world of gaming laptops, MSI has revealed its new flagship gaming laptop, the Titan 18 HX, which is poised to revolutionize the gaming laptop industry. The Titan 18 HX will be the world’s first laptop to feature an 18″ 4K/120 Hz Mini LED display, a groundbreaking achievement that sets a new standard … Read more


MSI has recently expanded its product line with the launch of two new solid-state drives (SSDs), the SPATIUM M570 PRO FROZR PCIe 5.0 SSD and SPATIUM M482. These SSDs not only represent a significant step forward in terms of technology and performance, but they also reaffirm MSI’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative products to its … Read more

Intel Ultra 7 MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo laptop performance tested

The MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo laptop is making waves in the tech community, thanks to its cutting-edge Intel Meteor Lake Ultra 7 155H chipset. This powerful component is a significant step forward, providing users with a combination of improved graphics, top-notch CPU performance, and better energy efficiency. For those who need a machine that’s … Read more

New MSI QD-OLED gaming monitors launching at CES 2024

MSI is set to expand its QD-OLED gaming monitor lineup in the New Year, introducing a series of new monitors, all equipped with the latest generation of QD-OLED panels. The panels have been specifically designed to deliver exceptional picture quality, creating a more immersive gaming experience. One of the key highlights in this new lineup … Read more

MSI Pro MP251 professional 100Hz business monitor

MSI has this month unveiled its latest professional business monitor in the form of the world’s first 24.5 inch 100 Hz EyesErgo. The first of its kind, has been engineered with the intention of enhancing user experience, productivity, and comfort in the workspace. It is designed with a host of features that make it a … Read more

MSI VIGOR GK41 Kailh Red mechanical gaming keyboard

MSI has introduced a new line of gaming keyboards, the VIGOR GK41 series, consisting of the VIGOR GK41 and the advanced VIGOR GK41 DUSK, both designed to cater to the diverse needs of gamers. The VIGOR GK41 is a standout in its class, featuring Kailh Linear Red switches. These switches are known for their responsive … Read more