How to use ChatGPT to automatically reply to Facebook messages

If you could do with a little help in responding to the enquiries or conversations your business or brand engages with on Facebook you might be interested in a new solution which harnesses the power of ChatGPT to automatically reply to your Facebook messages. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have become a hub for … Read more

Blocking Unwanted Calls, Messages, and Emails on Your iPhone

This guide will show you how to block unwanted calls, emails and messages on your iPhone or iPad. In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to be able to control who can contact you. With the rise of spam and harassment, it’s important to have the ability to block unwanted messages and calls. … Read more

WhatsApp self destructing voice messages rolled outr

WhatsApp start started to roll out its self-destructing voice messages globally, the new View Once Voice Messages for WhatsApp are now available globally,  the company previously offered this feature for photos and videos. We introduced View Once for photos and videos back in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages. Today, we’re … Read more

Google Messages has 1 billion RCS users

Apple will finally support RCS Messaging in 2024 and Google has announced that Google Messages now has 1 billion RCS users, they are also bringing some new features to messaging on their platform. There are seven new features for Google Messages, these include Photomoji, Voice Moodsa, Screen Effects, Custom Bubbles, Reaction Effects, Animated Emoji, and … Read more

How to block messages on Android phones

  There are countless moments in our digital lives when we may find it necessary to block text messages on our Android devices. Living in an era where communication happens primarily through smart devices, we are continually exposed to various forms of digital messaging – some of which can be both unnecessary and intrusive. Regrettably, … Read more