Apple lays off 600+ employees after canceling Apple Car project

Some Apple employees who worked on Apple Car and micro LED projects are being laid off. Photo: Laurenz Heymann/Unsplash Following the shutdown of the Apple Car project, the Cupertino giant is laying off more than 600 employees. Many affected employees worked on developing micro LED displays for the Apple Watch and future Apple products. The … Read more

Apple Lays Off 600+ Employees After Canceling Car Project

Apple this week filed a required notice with the state of California, confirming plans to permanently lay off more than 600 employees. Under California law, employers must give employees and state representatives a 60-day notice before a mass layoff event. The employees listed are located in several Apple-occupied buildings around Santa Clara, California, which is … Read more

The White House lays out extensive AI guidelines for the federal government

It’s been five months since President Joe Biden signed an executive order (EO) to address the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. The White House is today taking another step forward in implementing the EO with a policy that aims to regulate the federal government’s use of AI. Safeguards that the agencies must have in place … Read more

YouTube lays out new rules for ‘realistic’ AI-generated videos

Many companies and platforms are wrangling with how to handle AI-generated content as it becomes more prevalent. One key concern for many is the to make it clear that an AI model whipped up a photo, video or piece of audio. To that end, has for labeling videos made with artificial intelligence. Starting today, the … Read more