Amazon CEO’s anti-union comments broke federal laws, labor judge rules

Continuing the long American tradition of wealthy corporate overlords making union-busting comments, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy went on a media blitz in 2022 to warn of the workplace-altering terrors of labor unions. (Surely, it’s an unfortunate happenstance that his urgent PSA coincided with an uptick in organizing efforts at Amazon.) Sadly for Mr. Jassy, the … Read more

OpenAI insider discusses AGI and Scaling Laws of Neural Nets

Imagine a future where machines think like us, understand like us, and perhaps even surpass our own intellectual capabilities. This isn’t just a scene from a science fiction movie; it’s a goal that experts like Scott Aaronson from OpenAI are working towards. Aaronson, a prominent figure in quantum computing, has shifted his focus to a … Read more

AI Video characters can now follow the laws of physics and more

The world of video production is undergoing a significant transformation, thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in video generation. This shift is not just a fleeting glimpse into what the future might hold; it’s a dynamic change that’s happening right now, reshaping the way we create and experience movies and videos. With AI, … Read more