Glestain Gyuto Chef’s Knife Review: The Dimples Do Work

Several years ago, a blurb in a food magazine caught my eye. In it, a chef recommended a unique-looking Japanese chef’s knife with giant dimples on only one side of the blade, designed to keep food from sticking to it. Knives with little dimples are common, but these were enormous, and it made me wonder … Read more

PICHI G9 ultra lightweight rugged EDC knife

Imagine a tool that seamlessly blends into your daily life, whether you’re navigating the wilderness or slicing open an envelope in your office. The PICHI G9 EDC Knife is designed to be that indispensable companion, offering a level of precision and durability that meets the needs of the most demanding users. This knife isn’t just … Read more

Phantom 2 Titanium folding utility knife

The Phantom 2.0 Titanium Folding Utility Knife is a tool that stands out for its precision and durability, designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts who demand the best in performance. This new model is an upgrade from its predecessor, crafted from Gr5 titanium and reinforced with carbon fiber sheets, offering a … Read more

Kiwi Titanium EDC minimalist multitool and keychain utility knife

When you’re on the move, you need tools that keep up with your pace. The Kiwi Titanium Keychain Utility Knife is a sleek, minimalist tool that’s perfect for the person who values efficiency and preparedness. This isn’t just any knife; it’s a compact and versatile companion that’s ready to tackle a variety of tasks, making … Read more