What is Hugging Face AI community and why does it matter?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the way we interact with technology, and Hugging Face is at the forefront of this transformation. This platform is a hub for AI innovation, where anyone with an interest in AI, from novices to seasoned professionals, can find the tools they need to develop cutting-edge applications. Hugging Face stands out … Read more

New Intel Neural-Chat 7B LLM tops Hugging Face leaderboard

Intel has released a new large language model in the form of the Neural-Chat 7B a fine-tuned model based on mistralai/Mistral-7B-v0.1 on the open source dataset Open-Orca/SlimOrca. The new Intel large language model offers improved performance when compared to the original Mistrial 7B LLM and Intel has aligned it with DPO algorithm. The success of … Read more