The Thaumaturge dark RPG launches February 20th with AMD FSR 3 support

Immerse yourself in the gritty atmosphere of early 20th-century Warsaw with the upcoming role-playing game “The Thaumaturge,” where history and the supernatural collide. Slated for release on February 20th, this RPG promises to captivate players with its blend of authentic historical settings and mystical adventures. You will step into the shoes of Wiktor Szulski, a … Read more

Millennia game demo available to play until February 12th

Paradox Interactive, a well-known publisher in the gaming industry, has recently unveiled a demo for their latest project, “Millennia,” crafted by the talented team at C Prompt Games. This new title is a turn-based strategy game that stands out for its unique blend of historical accuracy and imaginative scenarios. It allows players to delve into … Read more

New Constellation Apple TV Series premiers February 21

Embark on a journey through the vastness of space and the depths of the human psyche with “Constellation,” the latest science fiction series to grace Apple TV+. This gripping narrative, set to premiere on February 21, stars the talented Noomi Rapace as Jo, an astronaut grappling with the aftermath of a disastrous space mission. As … Read more

Apple Vision Pro launches in US February 2nd 2024

Apple has announced that preorders for its highly anticipated  spatial computing headset the Apple Vision Pro will start later this month on January 19th 2024 and the headset will officially launch throughout the United States on February 2nd 2024. Apple’s new spatial computing headset that could change the way we use computers especially with the … Read more