Avid’s Acutus Dark Iron turntable platter alone weighs 10kg – so I know it’s deadly serious

Money no object We love to give practical buying advice on the latest gadgets here at TechRadar. But sometimes what we love even more is to indulge in the most ridiculous, high-end, cutting-edge, luxurious tech on the planet. That’s what we bring you in these Money no Object columns – you can read the whole … Read more

CAR T cells can shrink deadly brain tumours — though for how long is unclear

A glioblastoma (green and blue, artificially coloured) grows in the frontal lobe of a person’s brain.Credit: Pr Michel Brauner, ISM/Science Photo Library Two preliminary studies suggest that next-generation engineered immune cells show promise against one of the most feared forms of cancer. A pair of papers published on 13 March, one in Nature Medicine1 and … Read more

A Mississippi Jury Finds Cops Justified in 2017 Deadly Shooting After Going to Incorrect Residence.

A jury in Mississippi has decided not to pursue a civil lawsuit against two police officers who fatally shot a man while carrying out an execution of a warrant at the wrong location. The action was brought by the deceased’s family. Ismael Lopez’s death in 2017 at the hands of Zachary Durden and Samuel Maze, … Read more