SoundMagic is back with E80D wired cheap USB-C earbuds – and there’s a DAC inside

In tech, the terms “hotly anticipated” and “long-awaited” are often bandied around with little research into how invested anyone really is over the return of a brand or product. When it comes SoundMagic however, a wired in-ear homecoming is worthy of either phrase.  Why? Because the 2018-issue SoundMagic E11C raised the affordable IEMs bar at … Read more

iFi’s third-gen ‘affordable’ Zen DAC is in – and it’s got a phono stage pal too

Regular readers will need no further introduction to iFi, the digital-to-analog audio specialist responsible for the loveable iFi Uno and iFi xDSD Gryphon DACs, to name only a few. But what you probably won’t know until now is that iFi has today announced the arrival two new products: the Zen DAC 3 and Zen Phono 3. Not to … Read more


For those who take their music seriously, the arrival of the COLORFLY CDA-M2 Hi-Fi USB DAC and Amplifier is a significant event. This sophisticated piece of audio equipment is designed to elevate your listening experience to new heights, and it comes in two striking colors: starry gray and a limited edition purple, with only 100 … Read more