Apple Card Savings Account’s Interest Rate Lowered to 4.4% Today

Following the Apple Card savings account’s rate cut to a 4.4% APY, we have updated our high-yield savings accounts (HYSAs) comparison chart for U.S. residents. 4.4% is still a competitive APY compared to many other popular high-yield savings accounts, which typically offer rates between 4.25% and 5.25%. Provider Maximum APY* Ally 4.25% Discover 4.25% American … Read more

IMF confirms some accounts were hacked following cyberattack

Someone broke into almost a dozen IMF email accounts, but it’s yet unknown what they did with the information found there. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), a UN financial agency funded by 190 member countries, confirmed the breach in a press release published late last week, as well as in a short statement given to … Read more

Over 15,000 Roku accounts have been breached – here’s what you need to know

15,363 Roku accounts were compromised last year as bad actors gained access to a lot of sensitive data on the platform. Evidence suggests they obtained credit card information and attempted to make purchases. This news comes from a pair of filings Roku made on March 8 to the attorneys general’s offices for Maine and California. … Read more

This Senator Wants to Know What Meta and TikTok Are Doing About Parent-Run Girl Influencer Accounts

In January, the CEOs of X, TikTok, Meta, Snap, and Discord testified in front of a congressional committee about child exploitation on their platforms. “Mr. Zuckerberg, you and the companies before us, I know you don’t mean it to be so, but you have blood on your hands,” Senator Lindsey Graham said at the time. … Read more

Embracing Crypto Business Accounts – timeswonderful

The financial landscape is undergoing a transformation, with cryptocurrencies emerging as a significant player. As digital currencies gain traction, businesses are compelled to adapt by integrating crypto-friendly systems. A decade ago, the notion of a bank account catering to cryptocurrency transactions was nearly inconceivable. But today, we stand at a juncture where corporate accounts for … Read more

How to use AI tools to automate your Instagram accounts

If you are interested in harnessing the power of AI to help automate the management of your Instagram page. This AI Instagram automation guide will provide details on how you can start generating AI-created images, creating image-specific captions, and scheduling posts. Allowing AI to simplify your Instagram management, saving you time and resources while improving … Read more