Stars Who Suffered Nip Slips On Camera, In Public: Photos Of How They Managed The Wardrobe Malfunction

Stars Who Suffered Nip Slips On Camera, In Public: Photos Of How They Managed The Wardrobe Malfunction

Jump! Many celebrities have faced throat problems while on camera or walking down the street. And a dramatic wardrobe malfunction while the cameras are flashing is never fun. But some stars faced this unfortunate incident with confidence.

Kate Moss didn’t let her mistakes get away when she was spotted leaving a London nightclub in November 2022. The model’s left breast was fully exposed, albeit briefly, as she wore an embroidered dress of sequins with a plunging V-neckline. . However, Kate adjusts her top and walks with her head held high.

Reality TV actress and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has taken care of her bare skin in the past. The Kardashian star had to capture her black bra as it completely fell off her left breast in a video she shared on her Instagram Stories in May 2022.

However, other celebrities weren’t so unconcerned about the scandal-related dilemma. Rapper Nicki Minaj is fiercely honest when it comes to fashion, and she didn’t hold back when she rapped on stage at the 2018 Made in America Festival.

“You know what? Let’s get started. They’ve seen my nipples at least 50 times tonight,” the Starship star said at the time, explaining how her nipples were accidentally exposed to the crowd.

Shortly after the incident, Nikki addressed The Flash while responding to a fan via Twitter.

“They gave me tokens on the way to the stage,” Nicki wrote. “I knew it was my normal (opaque) pepper… Ugh, it’s not!”

Musician Doug Katt also made a splash on stage during the Balmain 2021 show in Paris. The “Kiss Me More” singer wore a white patterned bra that briefly revealed her left nipple. However, Doja recovered and was not disappointed.

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However, perhaps one of the most outspoken stars is Mariah Carey , who has had quite a bit of trouble with her wardrobe.

During a 2018 trip to Hawaii with boyfriend Brian Tana , the “Always Be My Baby” singer’s breasts fell out of her bathing suit. However, Maria’s love interest was the perfect gentleman and quickly helped her out of the water.

In a July 2018 video interview with Harper’s Bazaar , Mariah said she has “occasionally” had setbacks in fashion but doesn’t let them get in her way.

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