Saturday, December 3. Russias War On Ukraine: Daily News And Information From Ukraine

Saturday, December 3. Russias War On Ukraine: Daily News And Information From Ukraine

Delivery from Ukraine. Day 283.

As Russian attacks on Ukraine continued and the war dragged on, a reliable source of information became necessary. Forbes is collecting information and updating the situation.

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In recent days, the Ukrainian army launched Russian attacks on the settlements of Chirvopopovka in the Luhansk region, Saledar, Opytno, Nevlsko, Krasnohorivka and Merinka in the Donetsk region, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported. The enemy fired 5 rockets, 27 from the air and 44 from rocket launchers at civilian infrastructure facilities and Ukrainian military positions. Energy systems and critical infrastructure are constantly threatened by Russian missile attacks.

Russian troops bombed the Kherson region 28 times on December 2, the governor of the Kherson region , Yaroslav Yanushevich, reported. Several residential buildings and an oncology ward were damaged the day before, and one citizen was injured.

Lithuania repaired two more PzH2000s and delivered them with ammunition to Ukraine , Lithuanian National Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas said on December 3, 2010.


Maxar satellite images of the Maripol cemetery and the new Russian military complex with an increasing number of graves with the “Maripal – Russian Military” sign on the roof . In the year Photos of the central Old Crimean cemetery in Mariupol, taken on March 29 and November 30, show signs of a new burial chamber. Other images show many dilapidated apartment buildings now being demolished. Also surrounded by a large defensive screen are the remains of the Maripol Drama Theater – a shelter for hundreds of civilians – which was bombed by Russian forces on 16 March.

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The European Union has created a cyber laboratory for the Ukrainian armed forces in Kiev, the European External Action Service ( EEAS ) reported. Equipment such as security software and hardware is distributed with EU funding and distribution “so that Ukraine can create and develop the cyber defense capabilities of its armed forces to detect attacks in information systems, counter cyber attacks and strengthen its overall security capabilities. Laboratory of military cyber specialists to counter enemy cyber attacks It serves as a training center to improve their ability to quickly and effectively identify and defend.

Sunshine & Sons have released a limited edition Pineapple Parfait Gin. According to the website. The idea for the label design is Konstantin Desu, a resident of Odesa, whose workplace was hit by a Russian missile in early May. Most of the funds raised go towards the purchase of metal detectors for the humanitarian campaign to detonate Ukrainian cities.

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