Review: ’80 For Brady’ Is A Sports Film Fumble For The Ages

Review: '80 For Brady' Is A Sports Film Fumble For The Ages

Tom Brady officially and ultimately insisted on leaving the National Football League. Based on the new 80's movie for Brady, it's also time for him to retire from the game immediately.

No one walks away in glory in this gritty, frivolous tale of four old friends determined to lead Brady to a stunning 2017 Super Bowl victory.

Four of our best actresses – Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field – are sacrificed for cheap laughs and undeserved humor. And Brady, the executive producer, cheats on one of his biggest wins. That whistle that you hear in the theater is not lost air, but a pumped-up audience.

Screenwriters Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern seem to have opened the door to exploring loss, commitment, and regret in our twilight years, but they're wrong, and Grandma accepts it and wanders into random edible territory.

This exhibition includes the EGOT winner, multiple Academy Awards, Tony and Emmy Awards, the Mark Twain Award for American Humor, the Kennedy Center Award, and the Cecil B. DeMille Award. But they are completely lost. At some point, Field had to enter an unnecessary wing-eating contest.

There's nothing wrong with watching movies with friends or celebrating age on screen, and it's nice to see them together. But don't tell us you're empowering seniors by doing the twist dance to get through Super Bowl security. Add to that an extreme insult to Diane Keaton in last year's Mac. & Rita" and we call on Hollywood to ban people over 70 from losing 15 feet.

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Based very, very loosely on true events, the film is so light in plot that it threatens to float away. It takes a few extra minutes to shuffle tickets, but the logic doesn't work like the time our heroes found four vacant seats in a row at the start of the Super Bowl.

Brady is invariably portrayed as benevolent, either by moving his head talking to Tomlin's character or simply listening to the conversation on the TV screen. “Everything will be fine,” he promises.

Each of our leading ladies has a note worth expanding on: Fonda is obsessed with nerdy, boyish erotic fanfiction writer Rob Gronkowski. Veld is reasonable, responsible. The new widower Moreno is ready for any adventure, and Tomlin is the link between them.

When one of the quartets fears a recurrence of cancer, Brady becomes their beacon, asking them to make a bust as a prayer. “He never gives up no matter what he faces,” he says. You can expect a glowing halo to appear above Brady's head.

Director Kyle Marvin fails to create any real tension as he swings wildly from slapstick to melancholy, but real shots of the big game are beautifully woven into the second half. The message here is simple: when you fall, dig deep and take action. In other words, have the courage to go see another movie.

At some point, the film simply becomes a brand event, like the Microsoft Surface and NFL Experience for a theme park. “This is better than my wildest dreams,” one of our great actors is forced to say, dropping the s. When all four enter the skybox later in the game, one of them helpfully explains, "You can see everything!" Yes, you can see the amazing letter from here.

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This is a movie that was supposed to make people happy in the 70s and 80s, but it has jokes, jokes and Pat Sage. Billy Porter, Sarah Gilbert and Guy Fieri are great in small roles, but the main characters are busy with what can only be considered extracurricular activities for older people.

80 for Brady, a Paramount Pictures release only released on February 3, is rated PG-13 for brief profanity, drug content, and obscene references. Duration: 98 minutes. Half star out of four.


MPAA Definition PG-13: Strongly Informed Parents. Some materials may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age.




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