Red Bank, New Jersey Cast Member Featured In TADA! Youth Theater Performances

Red Bank, New Jersey Cast Member Featured In TADA! Youth Theater Performances

Red Bank, NJ: This whimsical musical isn't your typical fairy tale, and Fui isn't your typical princess. She does not want to sit around, be taunted with or saved by the prince (although she tries) because she can save herself if she has to, and prefers to date maids and grooms.

Her older sister Alessia along with the good fairies try to make Fui feel like a real princess while Morbidia has other plans for all of them. Princess Fui's book and lyrics were written by Lisa Diana Shapiro and the music was composed by Eric Rockwell.

Performed by members of the TADA Resident Youth Ensemble! (RYET), Evelyn Lee, 9, of Red Bank, New Jersey, appeared as a speck in TADA! The original musical instrument, Princess Fui. Evelyn took part in TADA! for last year

She said, "I'm very excited because it's my first stage performance. I'm very happy to be on stage! My character Dot is the youngest waitress. She likes being a helper and spending time with Fui. This character is me close because i am the youngest in the family and i also love to be helpful.Dance classes are my favorite and TADA!I discover different styles of dance and theatre.

And let's go! Jugendtheater presents Princess Fui February 10-26 at TADA! Theater on the 2nd floor of the Youth Theater, 15 West 28th Street, Manhattan.

Please visit TADATHEATER.COM for more information and to purchase tickets. And let's go! It strives to make its productions accessible to all, and offers a limited number of paid tickets per show, as well as charity group sales starting at $10.

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The shows are fun and affordable hour-long musicals, ideal for family audiences aged 3 and over, performed by talented young members of RMET (Resident Youth Ensemble TADA!).

The young actors represent the entire diversity of New York. They come from different neighborhoods and counties, have different economic, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have different skillsets, and are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

And let's go! Drama Desk is a unique, award-winning, non-profit youth theater company that produces original musicals for children, youth and families. And let's go! TADA offers free pre-employment training and a positive youth development program for Resident Youth Ensemble members all year round! (RYET), young talents aged 8 to 18; musical theater courses/camps for the public; He also performs musical theater in schools and community centers in New York City.

Thank you for the high quality work of TADA! It stimulates young people's confidence and creativity, thus developing advanced leadership, communication, accountability, collaboration and problem solving skills, skills that help them grow and are essential for their success. In school and in life.

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