Meet The Legal Eagle Of The Indian Music Entertainment Industry

Meet The Legal Eagle Of The Indian Music Entertainment Industry

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Priyanka Kimani's name is often mentioned in Indian entertainment circles, not because she is the face of a movie or her debut Netflix series, but because her company Kimani & Associates is known for her entertainment shows. Especially in music. Much of his legal practice has been devoted to high-profile product launches and mergers and acquisitions in the technology and entertainment industries. To set a good example, Kimani and his team arranged AP Dhillon's Chord for the Indian debut of the world famous Lollapalooza music festival this weekend.

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A variety of tools to legally create, distribute, protect artists' rights, and market music have improved the way artists can structure their recording careers today, shifting power from the music powerhouses to the artists themselves Kimani there. . .

However, she already had contact with the entertainment world before she became a lawyer, as she worked in various areas on the theater stage as an actress, director or producer. . He wrote screenplays for television and made his debut for a series on Zee TV at the age of fifteen. In fact, being independent was so important to her that she dabbled in many things, such as modeling, which she continued while she was in law school. After graduating, Kimani worked in a commercial disputes office, which paid her a fixed salary at the end of each month.

The famous Lata Mangeshkar who later ventured into the entertainment client business was his first client and through good word of mouth he began working with a list of other clients around the world. Film and television followed in the years that followed.

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It recently introduced a new digital licensing platform called "Fairplay". End-to-end online music licensing is a no-brainer. Kimani advises on benchmark offerings in the NFT ecosystem, including NFT hacks for popular brands Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle.

On Instagram Live with Us, Kimani spoke about all of these things and more, including how she focuses on the talent experience as a key element of her organization's overall strategy and taking steps to ensure her culture is executed. People. and mental health and wellness professionals.

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