Rakeem Jones: Fayetteville Entertainment Promoter In The Family Business

Rakeem Jones: Fayetteville Entertainment Promoter In The Family Business

On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton cut the ribbon at the opening of the world's first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas. According to the store's official website, in 1967 the Walton family owned 24 stores that generated $12.7 million.

Today Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world. However, it all started with Sam Walton's vision of a new business model. More importantly, Sam paved the way for the inherited wealth of the Walton family. Today, the Walmart brand is a public company. At its core, Wal-Mart is a family business owned and operated by the Walton family.

Besides. Rakim Jones. Fayetteville rapper, former basketball player, record icon, Houston Bone B.

In Fayetteville, Lamont "L" Clark and the Clark family have established themselves as a well-known name in entertainment and nightlife. L. Clark's childhood dream was to own and operate a nightclub.

Working in clubs in his youth, Clark dreamed of becoming a promoter. However, the Clark family's entertainment empire was in existence before L.L. His uncle Freddie, or "Uncle", was a major player in the Fayetteville entertainment industry for many years.

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Through the work of Unka, L and his brothers were able to establish their role in the family business. In 1999, Ankh invited comedian D. L. Hughley to perform at the Crown Coliseum. Al jumped at the opportunity to throw a party at the Pavilion nightclub.

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However, the party did not give the expected results. L reconsidered her approach and re-rented the booth for an event called Mrs. Claus and Elvis for Christmas. The success of the event led to the possibility of parties on Thursdays.

These Thursdays help Al and his family spend Saturday night at the Odyssey nightclub. However, L still wants to own and manage his own space.

In 2001, he went into business with a cabaret owner and opened the Club Palace (now Mansion Cabaret) on Bragg Boulevard. Club Palace was known for its most beautiful parties such as First Sundays.

Veteran Clark sent out flyers around Fort Bragg. Following the success of Club Palace, L and the Clarks opened an establishment on Reford Road called Carolina Live (formerly Red Roper). National artists performed at the opening of Carolina Live.

The first national artist to perform at Carolina Live was Atlanta rap legend Pastor Troy. From there, Carolina Live became the venue for a number of high-profile musical performances.

In addition, Clark was able to keep his "ears open" and make contacts in the music industry. His uncle Freddie was instrumental in Empire Records' success by signing XStyles, whose songs are still played in nightclubs across the United States.

Another member of the Clark family, Wayne (or Wayno), his cousin, worked for Jay-Z's Rockavilla Records in the early 2000s and is now Vice President of A&R at the Atlanta-based Music Quality Control Center. Featuring famous artists such as Migos and Lil' Baby.

Al didn't want me in the music business. However, he knew a void that needed to be filled. While Fayetteville is home to great musicians such as J. Cole and Murray, no established organization provides a platform for artist development.

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Enter Route 2 Real Records. Way 2 Real Records, founded by Ankh Clark and her partner, serves as a hub for artists to grow and develop without having to travel to Atlanta or Charlotte. L works in the department of selection and development of artists. As a club owner, he has faced obstacles in the music industry and wants to pass on the knowledge he has gained from this experience.

Not only does he want to sign artists, he wants to teach them how to monetize their art. The first site was Fayetteville artist Mr. Red carpet. New red carpet single "Oh Ok" is gaining popularity in the region and online.

Together with Mr. Red Carpet Lamont and the Clark family, they continue to provide a platform and opportunity for artists to grow.

On Saturday, independent artists will have the opportunity to perform alongside national artists Kodak Black, Ruby Rose, Nardo Wake and Venice 2 Times at the Crown Coliseum as part of their Super Gremlin Tour. Hosted by country singer Kristen Rock.

However, it doesn't stop there. L plans to open a brick building that will serve as a resource center for the development and training of artists. In addition, he wants to organize a group of 10 of the city's greatest artists.

"It's noise. Treat your crush like a business," says L. "Always put God first."

Congratulations to the L family, Clark and all the activists. Peace

Rakim "Kim" Jones is a social activist and father of three from the Shaw Street/Bonnie Don neighborhood of Fayetteville. He can be contacted at keemj45@gmail.com.

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This article first appeared in The Fayetteville Observer. Rakim Jones. Promoter for Fayetteville Entertainment in the family business.

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