On Good Terms! These Friendly Celebrity Exes Prove Love Exists In Different Ways

On Good Terms! These Friendly Celebrity Exes Prove Love Exists In Different Ways

In a good condition! Many former celebrities are known to remain friends after a traumatic breakup, and some stars aren't shy about talking about their exes.

A year Fifteen years after their heartbreaking split in 2005, Jennifer Aniston opened up about reuniting with ex-wife Angelia Jolie after Jen broke up with ex-husband Brad Pitt .

“Brad and I are friends, we are friends,” Jennifer Howard told Stern on SiriusXM in June 2021. He was probably watching and wanted or should have been there.

A year ago, the two broke the internet when they were photographed backstage at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2020. The exes smiled and chatted for a bit while Brad held Jen's hand for even a second when they finished talking.

The morning show actress isn't the only former fighter. It is known that he dated his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow after their breakup in 1996.

“When we first broke up, we weren’t friends for a while, and then 18 or 19 years ago, we found a way to get back together, and after that we kept in touch for years,” says Iron . The male star told Entertainment Tonight in October 2022.

Gwyneth also said that she "loves" Brad: "He's an amazing guy, a great entrepreneur, a very creative person and a great person." I really like it: I'm a big fan."

Aside from the Hollywood movie set love life, many other celebrities have made it their mission to stay friends with their exes. Ex-husbands Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are known for their promiscuous family life with fiancee Katy Perry .

"She's really happy and I'm happy, " Miranda told GK in 2014. “He is a great father. I'm really happy to have him in my life.

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The couple have a son, Flynn, whom they welcomed in January 2011. Miranda and Orlando were married from 2010 to 2013.

Not only are the exes close, Katy also befriended the former Victoria's Secret model, whom Miranda called "alien sister" in January 2023.

Scroll through the gallery to see other celebrities who have remained friends since their breakup.

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