He’s Made It There: Naples Grad Jonas Duclona Featured On Times Square Billboard


He's Made It There: Naples Grad Jonas Duclona Featured On Times Square Billboard

Jonas Duclona received the text and took a few minutes to take the picture that was sent to him.

There was a billboard in New York where he was dressed in a Wisconsin uniform and said "Welcome to the Badger family."

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Varsity, Name, Image, and Logo (NIL), hosted a 15-minute video Wednesday morning in Times Square on behalf of Wisconsin student-athletes for the 13 transfers and six early signings that were part of the first. 2023 Coach of the Year Luke Fickell 27-player recruiting class. Duclona signed with Wisconsin in December and was an early draft pick in Madison.

This was the first edition of the Naples Daily News to feature a Times Square video billboard in Duclone. It is located above the Yard House in midtown Manhattan at 575 7th Ave.

"It's great to see me and my teammates on such a big stage," Duclona said. "Your hard work over the years has paid off, but this is just the beginning."

Locals don't need to travel to New York to see one of Duclone's larger-scale photographs. The Varsity Collection will be moving to Naples on February 6 with a Coastland Mall billboard.

"Having a billboard in my city means a lot to me," Duclona said. Because all my people see that and know what you did to get here that makes it special.

Despite the attention, Duclona knows that he cannot be indifferent. He's hoping Times Square won't be the last time he'll be in his college career.

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"Right now, my focus is on getting my body ready for a full Big Ten season," Duclona said. "As a freshman, my goal is to compete and get on the field early."

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This article originally appeared in the Naples Daily News. Wisconsin signee Jonas Duclona appears on a billboard in New York's Times Square.


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