Movie Review Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes (2021)

Movie Review  Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes (2021)

Dawn for the Eyes , 2021

Directed by: Kevin Kopacan.
With: Anna Platten, Jeff Wilbush, Frederick von Luttichau, Louise Taraz and Robert Nickisch.


A couple visits the old mansion they inherited and things get weird.

Last year's festival hit, director Kevin Kopacker 's Don Breaks the Eye is finally coming to streaming services so wider audiences can enjoy its many delights.

The film is essentially a love letter to European Gothic horror films of the 1960s and 1970s. The film follows a couple, Dieter (Frederick von Luttichau) and Magot (Louise Tarz), who travel to an old mansion whose Margot inherited as a wife. Legacy. From my late uncle. The trip makes it clear that their relationship is far from harmonious, as Dieter is strained and Margot is cold, and when the pair arrive they discover that the creepy old house may be hiding something within its walls. Feel that there is a presence surrounding them.

And to say more would be doing the movie a disservice, because what happens after that particular reveal is clearly to be experienced, not read. Dawn Breaks Behind Your Eyes is a film that immerses you in the magnificent gothic atmosphere created by Kevin Kopaza, an obvious reference for the genre, Argento, Bava, etc. – They are more modern. Comparisons include Society (well, thirty years old, but newer than the aforementioned Italian filmmakers' best work), Barbarian Sound Studio , and One Cut of the Dead .

Keep Your Eyes On mimics any of these films, but does something unexpected and deflates the imagination by not relying on a narrative structure, being instead a two-act film that does what it does the best. The first act, where Dieter and Margot's situation is pure Euro-horror, is almost reminiscent of The Accident and the Body of Mario Bava, when Dieter discovers a whip hidden in the basement and begins to repair it. Use it on Margot.

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The second act definitely closes the movie and potentially loses the audience expecting a) a European art house movie or b) a haunted house movie, but it's best not to expect that by expecting less. Instead of complete sensory overload, pushing those mysterious buttons and offering whimsical commentary on the nature and relationships of art, the best European genre films of the previous decade were presented with an effortless ease. detached and surreal. The modern eye controls all the chaos.

Breaking Dawn isn't a movie that will be enjoyed by everyone, and it's negative commentary calling for style over substance, but if you lower your expectations, in other words, don't expect horror supernatural nice and enjoyable and let the beauty magic go perfectly 74 minutes of travel time (not a minute more or less) and then rewards you with an unparalleled viewing experience that only requires a physical UHD version. Indeed, let this subtlety shine as much as possible. Here is the hope.

Flashing Myth Rating – Movie: ★★★★★ / Movie: ★★★★

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