Intel AI DFI MTH968 embedded system module (SOM)

DFI has unveiled a new embedded system module that is set to transform the way artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into industrial computing. The MTH968, equipped with Intel’s latest Core Ultra processor, is a compact powerhouse designed to bring AI capabilities right to the edge of computing, where data is generated and collected. This new module is poised to meet the demands of an AI edge computing market that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Central to the MTH968’s design is the Intel Meteor Lake processor, a cutting-edge chip that combines a central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), and a Neural Processor Unit (NPU) all in one. This combination is a significant step forward in terms of energy efficiency and computing power, offering substantial reductions in power usage while simultaneously enhancing the performance of both the CPU and GPU. This is particularly important for applications that require high levels of computing power but have strict energy consumption constraints.


One of the most notable features of the MTH968 is its onboard NPU, which enables it to handle sophisticated AI tasks and intricate graphics processing right at the edge. This not only showcases the technological prowess of the module but also offers a cost-effective solution by potentially reducing reliance on cloud data storage, which can lower operational expenses. The MTH968 is designed with the future in mind, catering to the AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) market with customizable options to meet the specific needs of different industries. It operates reliably in a wide range of temperatures and does so without the need for a cooling fan, ensuring consistent performance under various environmental conditions.

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The MTH968 doesn’t stop at AI capabilities; it also supports the latest advancements in memory and storage technology, including DDR5 memory and NVMe SSD storage. This means that it can handle demanding computing tasks with impressive speed and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for sectors such as industrial automation, smart transportation, and smart agriculture. In these fields, having robust and responsive computing resources is essential.

The release of the MTH968 comes at a time when the industry is moving towards greater use of 5G, edge computing, and remote control technologies. These developments are changing the way data is processed and managed at the edge of networks, enabling real-time analytics and decision-making. The MTH968 is well-equipped to take advantage of these technologies, providing a powerful and efficient platform for the next generation of industrial applications.

With the introduction of the MTH968, DFI is offering a solution that stands to significantly enhance the capabilities of industrial PCs. By combining a powerful Intel Core Ultra processor with an integrated NPU and support for the latest memory and storage technologies, the MTH968 is set to make a meaningful impact on the AI edge computing market. As industries continue to evolve and adopt more intelligent, interconnected systems, the MTH968 is ready to meet these challenges and drive forward innovation.

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