Identity Politics Run Amok: Why Does The Biden Administration Keep Making Such Embarrassing Hires?


Identity Politics Run Amok: Why Does The Biden Administration Keep Making Such Embarrassing Hires?

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY, right) and Sam Brinton's Trevor Project (center) are seen outside the Capitol during a press conference on the LGBTQ Essential Data Act, which would improve gender identity data collection in violent crime. Thursday 13 June 2019 © Filed under: Washington Examiner Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY, right) and Sam Brinton of the Trevor Project (center) are seen outside the Capitol during a press conference on the LGBTQ Essential Data Act, which would improve gender mapping . Thursday's violent crime identity information. June 13, 2019

Not surprisingly, the Biden administration fired a senior Energy Department official. Sam Brinton, a (former) member of the government's top duo, has been accused of stealing several bags worth thousands of dollars.

The real question is why Brinton was hired in the first place.

Brinton made headlines after being appointed deputy assistant secretary of the Department of Energy for fossil fuels and waste management for being "gender biased" and publicly courting inappropriate and exotic groups. For example, last month Brinton attended a leather conference and taught a seminar on fists and the science of Cold Red, dubbed NuclearNerd.

In fact, Brinton's highly visible participation in such sexual displays should have been reason enough to refuse him a job with the US government. It may not be government's job to control what people do behind closed doors, but they can at least try to appoint people to represent that government with dignity and respect.

Now Brinton seems to be responsible for something worse than chaining his sex partners like dogs. The suspect, who was arrested in Minneapolis-St. While serving as a member of management at Paul Airport and Las Vegas Airport. The Las Vegas incident reportedly happened in July, 18 days after Biden was hired by the team while the Minneapolis robbery was reported in September.

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This is embarrassing for the Biden administration and could have been avoided had officials decided to use common sense in their hiring decisions. The reason they didn't join Brinton's case is clear. they were more concerned with presenting the administration professionally than with which box it ticked on their list of identity politics. .

This is the pattern of the Biden administration. You have promoted many officials whose strongest qualification for office is race or sex. Vice President Kamala Harris, for example, is terrible at her job and was only hired because Biden publicly promised to run with a black woman.

Similarly, Health Minister Xavier Becerra had no training or experience in public health (other than harassing religious health institutions in court), but was appointed head of the Health Board a century later. Because Pandemic ticks two boxes. Of course, the only reason Becerra was considered for the job was because by that time Biden was known to be under pressure from Hispanic activists. Several leading medical groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have called on Biden to appoint a "qualified physician" to the post given the unprecedented public health situation.

Instead, the Biden administration installed a health secretary who knows nothing about public health. Ruthless Vice President; And the energy CEO who allegedly stole women's luggage for fun when he wasn't at a crazy conference. If management stopped focusing on looks, maybe they could focus on sending the best instead of apologizing for a lame team.

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