Former Fox News Politics Editor Slams The Company For Deceiving Its Viewers

he is active cnn tonight Wednesday, ex. FoxNews This is what political editor Chris Stivalt says. They were released. Online, January 2021. Fox denies this, but some believe it's for a reason. Anger Following the trial, Stirwalt is holding the 2020 presidential election in Arizona. Joe Biden . Although Styrualt didn't hesitate to show it online, he thought Fox was harming his viewers.

“I saw this audience and these people, they were very deceived, and they were very deceived, and they were hidden for years,” Stivalt said, “when they took away a plate of ice cream, and I, Mr. Green Bob, sat across from me. I told them:“ Oh shit, Donald Trump is not going to get re-elected."

But Styrowalt said the network, along with others, gave viewers what they wanted.

“And then, as news consumers, let’s face it,” Strualt said, “it’s not a supply issue, it’s a demand issue, right?”

Video transcript

Chris Stirwalt: I see in this audience and in these people that they have been very deceived, and very deceived, and very hidden for many years.

KYLIE MAR: Former FOX News political editor Chris Stirwalt joined CNN Tonight on Wednesday. He spoke about leaving FOX in January 2021 due to viewer anger after he named the state of Arizona for President Biden in the 2020 election.

Chris Stirwalt: As American journalists, we have obligations to our country. If we love our country and if we love our people, we must ensure that the work we do does not destroy these goals, but serves them.

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Kylie Marr: Styrualt recently spoke out against her former employer promoting this story and believes it is detrimental to those who gave their lives for this country.

Chris Stirwalt: When we use fear and we use hate and we use anger and we use paranoia to rank and unite people, then we don't live much – I mean, I think about it. all time. A million American men and women died defending, defending, defending this country.

KYLIE HONING: But Stirualt says the network only delivers what its viewers want.

CHRIS STRUWALT: And then, as news consumers, let's face it. It's not a supply issue. This is the side that interests us, isn't it?

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