Funny Old World: The Week’s Offbeat News


Funny Old World: The Week's Offbeat News

From Shakira hanging her ex to drinking too much… a weekly roundup of the world's weirdest stories.

– Shakira Pike – The Past –

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially when it's Colombian "werewolf" Shakira.

The pop diva has opened up about her new song about former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and her new boyfriend, which has been streamed 34 million times in just 17 hours.

Shakira, 45, took no prisoners in June when she dated a 35-year-old woman named Clara Chia, 23.

"They've traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio," he sings in BZRP Music Session #53.

"They work a lot at home, but also mentally," he said carefully.

"I'm not going back to you even if you cry or beg me…I was way out of your league and that's why you're dating someone like you," he said, waving at Chia.

The track, released on Thursday, was accompanied by a plane towing a banner along the lines of the song: "For freaks like me, not for people like you."

It's the third song Shakira has fired at Catalans since her breakup.

She wants to live in Miami with her two children but has been tried in Spain for tax fraud of 14.5 million euros.

Denying her betrayal, Shakira said, "You left me as a neighbor with my friends, the press is at the door and the debt is expensive."

"You thought you were hurting me and toughening me up, women don't cry anymore, they can…"

– Tax time

Shakira is not alone when it comes to taxes.

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Andorra's finance minister has been fired after allegedly failing to pay 60,000 euros to a family business.

Eric Coover praised the country's small tax inspectors for finding them "doing their job well" as he tries to do his best.

– … and breathe –

A hotel guest in Shanghai got so upset when his laptop went missing that he drove his sports car through the hotel, smashing it all over the road.

A 28-year-old man passed out after an argument with hotel staff. Horrified bystanders shouted at the driver and tried to break the car window to steal the keys.

– are you crazy? The changeling shouted before standing up and banging on the door frame.

The missing computer was later found around the hotel.

– It's hard to swallow –

To be honest, it was pretty good … the "drinking beer protects against Alzheimer's disease" ad went down like a lager.

AFP Fact Check found that the Italian scientific study on which the reports were based suggested that hops, which are used only to flavor beer, may have the ability to block disease-causing amyloid proteins.

Unfortunately, too much beer can increase your risk of getting sick – just like any relationship, however serious, whether beer and wine is good for you is often tainted by the press's opinion.


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