Democrats Care More About Pete Buttigiegs Identity Politics Than If He Can Actually Do His Job

Democrats Care More About Pete Buttigiegs Identity Politics Than If He Can Actually Do His Job

Nearly a year ago, the FAA, led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, announced that NOTAM, or Notice to Pilots, would be renamed. NOTAMs are unclassified messages issued by aviation authorities to all pilots that contain basic information about conditions, hazards, system problems or other flight operations. Mayor Pitt's Department of Transportation announced that NOTAMs are gender-neutral and will be called Air Flight Notifications instead of Pilots starting December 2, 2021.

While Mayor Pitt promised to remove the bigotry from the acronym, it did not occur to the Biden administration's diversity chief that the system itself needed attention. That was until this week, when an outage caused the NOTAM system to fail and all flights to the United States to be delayed for several hours, unheard of since 9/11.

The FAA's system failure comes just weeks after Southwest Airlines derailed Christmas after its outdated computer system caused thousands of flight cancellations, a decision the Transportation Secretary has mocked, apparently ignoring that the Biden administration was giving Southwest billions of dollars in aid. outside. . , without censorship. After pointing the finger at the airline, Mayor Pete failed to notice that his computers might need a tune-up.

But boring jobs like plane, freighter and railroad security aren't much for Mayor Pete, who has taken "paternity leave" amid the supply chain crisis. Catastrophe seems shocked that she's having a bad day at Privilege Pete's office, and it feels more like a lifestyle choice.

Like the rest of the Biden administration, or like the last emperors of Rome, Mayor Pete is in deep decline as civilization crumbles around him. We have professionals of both sexes working as porters, health czars dressed as women and walking around in uniforms they didn't earn, and a vice president who seems to have given up on life altogether.

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Let's not forget that Mayor Peet's legacy as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the only elected office he held, is his inability to fix potholes. He's now in charge of transport in the world's biggest economy, doing nothing but skirting problematic road signs and runways, racist roads and damaging bridges, and flying private jets to get to at football matches in Europe.

Dorothy's friend is wearing no clothes, much less embroidered red shoes. After today, even the people who backed Michael Avenatti as a potential presidential candidate will have to give up their quest for Mayor Pete's Oval Office.

"Guys I'm so sleepy I didn't hear the announcement they just made over the airport speakers," former Republican View host Ana Navarro tweeted. Why did the Home Office stop all flights? Someone? @employee:

Like Obama, Pitt is a smooth talker who easily charms single, childless women. But her hair isn't the only thing wrong. the guy just has no idea. However, thanks to the dog's abnormal magical powers, no one seems to care.


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