Film Review: Linval Joseph Beefs Up The Eagles Defensive Front

Film Review: Linval Joseph Beefs Up The Eagles Defensive Front

Recently signed DT Linval Joseph (72) works out during practice Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022 at NovaCare Complex in Philadelphia. © Heather Khalifa/Philadelphia Enquirer/TNS Newly signed DT Linval Joseph (72) practices Thursday, November 17, 2022 at the Novacare campus in Philadelphia.

Linval Joseph knows that being the big man in defense means he has fewer opportunities to eat.

But it’s a role the nose tackle veteran has long embraced.

“My job is to break the branch and let others pick the fruit,” Joseph said. But sometimes they drop fruit on the ground and when they do, you have to pick it yourself. So I’ve done that my whole career and it’s worked really well for me.

“Being selfless and being a team player is what got me here. I’m going to give it my all and I’d love to get another [Super Bowl] ring.”

He can still reach those extremes as the Eagles signed the 34-year-old, 6-foot-4, 335-pound player to a one-year contract on Wednesday. And maybe it helps to put another ring — Joseph won his first in 2012 with the New York Giants — on his hands and arms.

With starter Jordan Davis out for at least two more games and the Eagles’ defensive scheme in cap-to-nose tackle space, Joseph got the call from general manager Howie Roseman after spending the first few months at home. .

“He fits into what we’re doing and I’m thinking about how he wants to play and what he wants to do, and I think that’s going to help us,” defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon said.

Ganon first met Joseph while they were with the Vikings. But last season with the Chargers, they played on the same front as the Eagles, which made the acquisition almost a no-brainer. For the Colts 4-5-1 on Sunday, Joseph should have little trouble getting in the nose and added a gap to the five-try pack.

“There’s not much difference,” Joseph said of the signs. “It’s just different names and callings.”

With Jonathan Taylor rushing, Indianapolis will inevitably test the run defense behind Texas, and the leaders have averaged 160 yards against the Eagles over the past two weeks. Joseph’s move—and a day later, Ndamukong Suh’s defensive move—was a direct response to these struggles.

Colt Jonathan Taylor has a “non-stop” mentality that started at Salem High School.

Roseman spent the next two months bolstering Gannon’s front line against opponents who were among the NFL’s best offenses. Behind Taylor, the Eagles will face the following challenges: Packers Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, Derrick Henry of the Titans, Saquon Barkley of the Giants, Justin Fields of the Bears and Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard of the Cowboys.

Eagles center Jason Kelsey shoves Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Linval Joseph, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021, in Philadelphia. © YONG KIM / Staff Photographer / Philadelphia Inquirer / TNS Eagles center Jason Kelsey defends Los Angeles Chargers tight end Linval Joseph on Sunday, November 7, 2021 in Philadelphia.

“They’re all good players,” Fletcher-Cox said Wednesday. “We respect all these guys. But we have to solve our problems first. Plan, I think we are good, we have great players and we believe in everyone here.”

However, 35-year-old Suh came out of retirement the next day.

More than anything, the additions to the former Pro Bowl’s inside line allow Gannon to use his system, which relies on keeping boxes light, allowing him to get shared safety coverage. And the center position, although it only gets 40% of snaps and often registers few catches, is a nose tackle.

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Recently signed defender Linval Joseph (72) trained at the Novacare complex on Thursday. © Heather Khalifa/Philadelphia Enquirer/TNS New defender Linval Joseph (72) trains Thursday at the Novacare Complex. Ndamkong Suh saw an opportunity to win a championship with the Eagles.

While that might make defending a bit easier – Gannon has a lot of different fronts and covers that focus on different players – if Joseph or Davis are doing their thing, everything should be in place.

Just ask Eagles center Jason Kelsey, who, like Joseph, has been stuffing his nose for years.

“When we play five fronts, you have a nose tackle in the middle and you have five guys covering the five forwards, it’s hard for guys to advance in the secondary now.” Kelsey said. “And that’s regardless of the size of the person, but I think the bigger the nose guard the more useful it can be.”

Size is essential. Marlon Tupoloto played against Washington, but at 6-2 and 307 pounds he lacked the reach and passion of Davis, at 6-6 and 336 pounds. Tuipulutu’s knee injury created a spot on the roster, but the Eagles had an understanding for Joseph.

Gannon said he has aggressive calls in his scheme — scans, stunts, interval interceptions — that he can use against more likely offenses. But he doesn’t want to cut the coverage and go overboard with the big shows.

“I think you don’t want teams working with you all day. When you say that, you know there are pressures and strengths in every call,” he said Thursday. “I always say the quickest way to give up a lot of points is to get the ball over your head. Now when the attack adapts, we have to adapt.”

Over the past 10 years, with the explosion of passing and rules designed to support offenses and favor great quarterbacks, NFL defenses have begun to transition to more coverage-oriented programs. Vic Fangio is a hot ticket, and about a dozen teams, including the Eagles, get a version of him.

Quarterbacks now have to catch punts that often go low, and the league average of 11 yards per completion is the lowest since 1933, according to ESPN. His average of 4.5 yards per carry, meanwhile, is the highest in NFL history.

The growing number of quarterbacks played a role in the early success, but the NFL average of 21.8 points is the lowest in 13 years. Defenses win offensive battles because when given a choice, Gannon and his people would rather take their chances on long journeys than rush them.

In Jonathan Gannon, Vic Fangio hit the pass defense with the EaglesBut that doesn’t mean the Eagles want to endure another lousy 66-33 possession streak that kept Washington from an explosive attack on defense. But for how many crimes will fleeing Washington be so tolerant?

“The team is 8-1,” new Colts head coach Jeff said Saturday. They are doing something,” he said. Impact games. And they did a good job of stopping teams, switching and not dropping points.

The Chiefs had an impressive 21 third downs, and while most of them were 4 yards or less, giving them more scrimmage options, three of their conversion passes were 5 yards or more.

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Eagles-Commanders: Opponents struggle to prove they can stop Jonathan Gannon

The Eagles’ problem wasn’t just the run. And the nose job wasn’t the only problem they had stopping the ride. It takes 11 times in defense and there have been breakdowns in other places.

But having an average big body that can show off those A-spots is a luxury that can’t be defended. High-nosed tackles are natural desires and the Eagles drafted one in the first round in April and just delivered one of their best in the past decade.

How long did Giuseppe stay on the boat? Judging by his filmography from last season, Davis should have more than enough to recover and play less.

above half

With any unsigned veteran, the main question is often why? Joseph played well last season but missed games with a shoulder injury and played with elbow pain.

“I played about half the season last year,” Joseph said. Even though I was injured, I felt like I was on top form. It’s something for me that most people don’t do: I can play badly.

Joseph’s final five games of the season were cut short after he returned from a shoulder injury and spent two games out with Covid-19. But he kept the show going, especially when he lined up in the middle and ate a block. Here is Joseph (#98) charging the invaders in the finale.

Joseph said he had off-season surgery to clean out his elbow and was 100% healthy to start training camp. He said he had offers but wanted to keep the situation correct, which means playing for the opposition.

The Chargers opened 8-5 last season but have lost three of their last four games. They gave up 34 or more points in a loss. Their rushing defense was a constant problem all season and they finished 30th in yards allowed per game (138.9) and 28 yards per game (4.64).

I don’t want to justify. “We’re not done,” said Eagles quarterback Keizer White, who played for the Chargers last season. “I don’t think we all agree when we should.”

Joseph did his double duty, like hitting the nose of five coins and freeing the others to stand.

As with any variable, treating the nose only prevents it from going to the center. Kelsey (#62) is a potential Hall of Famer, but when he’s going through a tough time, he often turns to big tackles. It’s not alone.

Joseph probably had his best game of 2021 with the Eagles. He had nine hits for the team, seven of which were runs.

“It’s definitely a tough game for me,” Kelsey said. “He’s not only a great man, but also very talented… He picks things up quickly – form, where his back is. He’s good at reading attacking players.

Joseph made a quick jump on the play below, but even a straight leg couldn’t stop Jordan Howard from landing.

your way

Early in his career, Joseph played mostly four-base defense with the Giants. It wasn’t until he went to the Vikings that he started to line up more on the nose, especially in the center of the shadow.

When you are in the middle, there is no other attacker to block you. But when following a technique, you may find yourself one-on-one with a guard depending on the task. Joseph was a handful for Jack Driscoll (#63) last year.

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“He’s not just a fat, skinny guy,” Driscoll said. “He’s fast, if you run too far you’ll miss him.

Even Joseph admitted he wasn’t who he was five or six years ago when he went to the Pro Bowls. The Pro Football Focus player ranking should be taken lightly, but he finished 82nd out of 129 defenses last season.

Here he was up against Zack Martin (#70) of the Cowboys, arguably the NFL’s best goaltender.

Joseph, to his credit, followed the race to the finish.

“Play hard. I remember that from last year,” Driscoll said. “Rise until the whistle.”

4 below

Joseph – along with Cox, Javon Hargrave and Milton Williams, and now Sue – is unlikely to line up often in the Eagles’ wide-open passing quartet. But Gannon calls it a time out and Joseph’s goal will generally be the same in all five tries: eat sticks.

But available with just four cylinders, O-Linens have plenty of room to take their performance to the next level. White (#44) is good against the run, but most linebackers struggle to get out of a well-organized blocking zone.

in no hurry

The offense sometimes ran off, especially with a 5-2 lead. Sometimes Ganon wants to avoid 5-2 because of this and likes to go 5-1 while still having five defenders. Joseph hasn’t had many rushing opportunities for the Chargers, but if picked, he could run up center to the quarterback’s knees.

He can be fast with quick shots and also on the ground. He said he was 19 mph in several Chargers practices against the Eagles last season. In 2018, he returned a 64-yard punt in the Vikings’ win over the Eagles.

“I think so,” Joseph said. I am a world class athlete. I am fast. I am strong. I am blessed. “

Joseph made a few rushing attempts on the third-and-long, but recorded 16 pressures a year ago and even Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson did it.

Joseph said he felt better than he had in three years. He is famous for taking multiple daily trips on the treadmill to keep his big man in shape. But it may take a few weeks to get into shape.

“You have to play football to be fit,” Joseph said.

Davis, with a sprained ankle, can remain injury-free for the Eagles’ Dec. 4 game against the Titans. It can also take some time to regain footballing form. He is expected to take on the titular role, but he could benefit from practicing alongside Sufi.

“The boy is going to be special,” Joseph said of Davis. “I think it will be long after he’s finished.”

Meanwhile, the Eagles should enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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