Does The Certo Drug Test Hack Work?

People used to discuss simple home remedies that could be used to pass drug tests in the past. This includes the Certo drug test exploit. What is it, and does it work to pass a urine drug test? Consider this a comprehensive guide and answer the questions because it contains all the required information.

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What is The Certo Detox Method?

Cannabis metabolites differ from most other drug waste products. Because of the structure of the cells, they adhere to fat cells in the body. This means they detach erratically and remain in the urine longer. Study data shows a maximum of four months after the last cigarette for chronic smokers.

As a result of their attachment to fat cells, more cannabis metabolites are eliminated through the intestine. Almost all drug detritus is eliminated almost exclusively through urine. Approximately sixty percent of cannabis metabolites are eliminated via the intestine and forty percent via the urine.

What is the science behind it?

The Certo method’s science is based on fruit pectin being a fiber. By consuming it, you produce bile and draw more fat into your bowel, where the cannabis metabolites bind. Furthermore, you are flushing the body with a massive amount of water, which should aid in evacuating the remaining ones via urine.

Is it necessary to use Certo / Sure Jell?

Certo is a fruit pectin brand. It is a fibrous, viscous, fruity liquid used in cooking. That is why it is often referred to as the Sure Jell drug test procedure. Sure Jell is another brand of fruit pectin made in the United States.

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You can use any fruit pectin you choose, and buying a generic supermarket brand is cheaper. Fruit pectin is a high-fiber substance. In reality, any fibrous liquid would suffice. However, fruit pectin is inexpensive, and when mixed with water, the volume of water also acts to wash out the bladder.

How To Use Certo To Pass A Drug Test

Certo drug test method instructions are straightforward; you’ll only need to put a few items in place and ensure you do them at the appropriate times before and on your test day.

If you want to give it a try, here is the full Certo detox method laid out for you. You’ll need the following ingredients to do the Certo drug test hack:

  • 2 sachets of Certo, sure jell, or similar fruit pectin
  • 2 bottles of Gatorade or a similar energy drink
  • Aspirin
  • Multivitamin
  • 10 g creatine

Follow these steps after you acquire all the above mentioned:

  • On the evening before your test, mix up one packet of Certo with a bottle of Gatorade. Drink it down in five minutes.
  • Wait 15 minutes, and then consume 16 ounces of water over the course of 30 minutes. Try to excrete twice or thrice prior to bedtime.
  • First thing on the morning of your drug test, at least six hours before it, you’ll take the following steps:
  • Mix the second bottle of Gatorade in with the second sachet of Certo/Sure Jell and drink in five minutes.
  • Then drink 8 fluid ounces of water with one of the aspirin tablets.
  • Drink another eight fluid ounces of water, squash, or juice four hours later, a few hours before your test. Mix in the creatine monohydrate, and drink it while taking the second aspirin and vitamin tablets.
  • Then, over the next hour, urinate several times to push out all of the old urine containing toxins.
  • Get a home drug test kit as an insurance policy and use it right before you depart. If you continue to test positive, you are in trouble, and the Certo technique did not work for you.
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Syringe with glass vials and medications pills drug test report

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Why Gatorade?

Gatorade (and comparable sports drinks) contain many sugars, dextrose, and carbohydrates. The hypothesis is that this increases blood sugar, which inhibits fat metabolism. As a result, the movement of THC metabolites from the intestine to the urine is delayed.

Does The Certo Detox Work For A Urine Test?

Although this can pull out more cannabis metabolites through the intestines and speed up the elimination of cannabis toxins, it cannot eliminate all of them. Consequently, you must consider whether you can flush them out for a sufficient amount of time and maintain the pH balance of your urine by taking multivitamins and creatine.

At the same time, aspirin may produce a false negative. It could succeed. The science exists. However, it only functions for cannabis metabolites. In addition, you have a 75% likelihood of success.

Methods To Pass A Urine Drug Test

As you can see, the Sure Jell exploit is incredibly risky and should be used only under extreme circumstances. There are, fortunately, three excellent strategies you can employ to have a perfect chance of passing a drug test. With the three outline techniques, the success rate is greater than 90 percent and, with a touch of luck, close to 100 percent. These strategies are:

1. Synthetic Urine

By submitting a wholly fake sample, you are not risking your urine being tested. Quick Luck and Sub Solution are the two finest available brands. Quick Luck is superior but it is costly at $100. However, you receive the most complex formula on the market that will pass any scrutiny for your investment.

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2. Detox Drinks

A detox drink can be used to disguise the toxins for a few hours before a drug test for meth or any other substance. The best-quality ones are Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean (be sure to get them with the complimentary pre-rid pills).

They will flood the body with urine-derived substances, causing some to pass through as waste while the balance appears natural. A high-quality detox drink will keep your pee toxin-free for roughly three hours. You can, however, increase this by one or two hours by performing a 24- or 48-hour detox in the days preceding the test.

3. Accelerated Full Body Detox Using Detox Pills

The best way to get free from meth or any other form of drug is to detox naturally. However, this can take weeks. You can speed up the process by taking Toxin Rid detox pills. They are available in course lengths ranging from one day to ten days. If you are a heavy user, I recommend starting with the seven-day course.

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