Create Art In Seconds With This CESfeatured $50 AI App

Create Art In Seconds With This CESfeatured  AI App

Art has always been an important part of self-expression, entertainment, and understanding of world history and culture, but the ways in which art is created have changed dramatically over time.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, WOMBO's Dream AI art tool is transforming modern art. This app takes just a few words and turns them into beautiful works of art in seconds, and it's available until March 7 for just US$49.99 (US$169.99).

The Dream app can bring your imagination to life. Just write a short description of what you want to create: "Rainbow Fairy", "UFO with Cow" or anything else you can imagine from the billions of possibilities. Along with your idea, you can choose the overall art style you want for the piece, such as choosing a light and colorful room or a dark and gloomy room. Dream uses the power of artificial intelligence to bring your idea to life.

Dream by WOMBO AI Art Tool: Lifetime subscription, $50, original price: $170 © Courtesy of The New York Post

With the Premium plan, you can enjoy additional features such as additional art styles, have a support role in the Wombo Dream Discord, create three variations for each artwork, and save it as a video to share your artwork with people. Friends and family

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This AI art app has had over 10 million downloads, was named Google's best app of 2022, and has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on the App Store.

Traditional art objects can be expensive, take up valuable space, or be a physical barrier to those who want to create works of art. Now anyone with an iOS or Android device can become an artist with just a few taps on as many devices as they want.

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Create works of art in seconds with a lifetime subscription to the Dream by WOMBO AI Art Tool Premium Plan for US$49.99 (US$169.99). Hurry, this app is only available until March 7th.

Prices are subject to change.

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