Cowboys News: Lamb Questionable, Dak Due Date, Moore & Quinn Get Odds For Panthers Job

Cowboys News: Lamb Questionable, Dak Due Date, Moore & Quinn Get Odds For Panthers Job

All eyes are on Friday's training report as the Cowboys prepare to fly to Philadelphia for the biggest game of the youth season. While Dak Prescott isn't expected to play, he still technically has a chance (even if it's just a gimmick to keep the Eagles on their toes). Jason Peters looks set to take on his old teammates, and CD Lamb is a late addition with a groin problem, although this has happened before and no time has been wasted.

Meanwhile, Stephen Jones schedules Prescott's return, the two defensive stars discuss how the unit works, and Dan Quinn gets a moment to highlight his actions in the studio. Quinn and his coordinator Keelen Moore are already committed to the Carolina Panthers, at least according to the bookies. Cowboys writer wondering if it's finally time for Turpin to attack Dallas this week, Jerry Jones responding to Danielle Snyder's 'dirty' story, Troy Aikman responding to comments he made on Monday Night Football that caused a stir on social media. This and much more in news and notes.

Cowboys Call Duck Prescott and CD Lam Question :: ProFootballTalk

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Lamb's name was a surprise on Friday's training report when he was withdrawn with a thigh injury. Notably, Lamb was also registered with a hip injury on October 6. He also did not practice that day and was interviewed in the fifth week; He played 51 of 55 Snaps against the Rams.

Prescott could be active for Cowboys, Eagles miraculously recovered in last week 6 injury reports :: Cowboys Wire

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Prescott is officially listed as questionable, meaning he could be a starter, could be a substitute for Cooper Rush, or it could all be a weekend mini-game by the Cowboys coaching staff. Micah Parsons and DeMarcus Lawrence got fully engaged on Friday. Rico Doodle left the field with an ankle injury. All Eagles players except defenders Josh Job and Yanarius Robinson are full; Both of these are questionable.

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Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones 'feels so strong' Dak Prescott starts fighting Bears ::105.3 fan

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The door remains open for Prescott to return to the court Sunday in Philadelphia, but the team's executive vice president said he "mostly feels he will definitely play by the Bears rules." This is a team game on Sunday 8 on 30 October. Jones didn't say anything about Week 7 against Detroit, meaning he may still be in the air.

Cowboys' Jason Peters likely to clash with former Eagles teammate: 'It would be fun to beat them' :: Cowboys Wire

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The 40-year-old has only played 35 times since signing for Dallas and missed last week's game with a rib injury, but Peters is looking forward to a second game against his former club on Sunday night. Mike McCarthy said Peters had best practices as a Cowboy and that the linesman was looking forward to playing his old teammate. "Philadelphia, that's my city," he said, "come back, it will be nice to beat them."

How the Dallas Cowboys And Quinn Stopped Crime :: The Outsiders Football

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The Cowboys lead the NFL with 68 four-man strikes. Sometimes Mica Parsons or DeMarcus Lawrence beat their opponents, and sometimes Quinn finds unconventional ways (e.g. using four defensive ends at once) to put his players in an advantageous position. Either way, the movie shows that winning this game with a number in front of you frees up the rest of the units to wreak havoc elsewhere on the field.

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Micah Parsons and Travon Diggs vs. Ducks and Dallas D Ready for NFC East Rival Eagles :: The Pivot

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The linebacker/linebacker duo joined Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder for a long and lively discussion about the two players' mental preparations for matchday, the evolution of the team's defense under Dan Quinn, and what lay in the room. . proud. . Step forward to contribute.

Mailbag: Should Turbine get more offensive fire? :: mother

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The threat of a quick comeback seems to be a weapon with the ball in his hands, so why not show more activity in attack? The return of Michael Gallup and the involvement of Noah Brown will likely reduce Turpin's chances, but week six against a fierce Eagles defense could be the perfect time to show Turpin's timing.

Jason Kelsey of the Eagles talks about Jason Peters being in the dressing room :: John Machuta (Twitter)

Week 6 Odds and Predictions ::

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Cynthia Frolonde's model shows Philadelphia outperforming the Cowboys 23-21, giving the Eagles a 52% chance of winning. Philadelphia is the five-point favorite. Frölund believes Dallas has a 54% chance of being covered. More / less in the game 42 points.

Consider 2 Favorite Cowboy Helpers for NFC Training Jobs ::

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With the Panthers already looking for a new head coach after Matt Rule was sacked, the Cowboys staff caught the eye. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn are among the high-profile names Carolina should consider, according to the bookie. Quinn's odds of getting a concert tip are +450 just for Sean Payton; Moore has the 4th best single +600.

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Jerry Jones rules out breakup with Daniel Snyder :: ESPN

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When asked this week about reports that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder claimed to have "dirty information" about Jones, Cowboys owner denied the truth of the story. "That's all for me," Jones said during his weekly radio appearance. "I don't have this problem." Jones said he had never heard of a move among league owners to try to fire Snyder.

Troy Aikman Responds To 'Pull Dress' Comment He Made During MNF Broadcast: The Dallas Morning News

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While the Cowboys legend was quick to point out that he "fully supports" the rules protecting league quarterbacks, he admits that officials have taken excessive action, and he believes they are trying to carry out an "unwanted action." He admitted "shouldn't have done the hack" which caused some outrage on social media; Ekman himself described his comments on the sky as "stupid".

The story originally appeared in Cowboys Wire.

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