Columbia Records, Kakao Entertainment America Partner On KPop Group IVE

Columbia Records, Kakao Entertainment America Partner On KPop Group IVE

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Kakao Entertainment America and Columbia Records have joined forces to co-manage K-pop girl group IVE, it was announced on Thursday, March 23rd.

The collaboration is expected to strengthen IVE's presence in the North American market, with Sony Music subsidiary Columbia supporting their next album, Ive IVE, which is set for release on April 10.

International distribution will be handled by The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music, while Columbia will handle the album's domestic marketing and promotion, starting with pre-album single Kitsch, which will be released on the 27th. march

IVE is produced by Starship Entertainment, a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment.

Columbia's roster includes many famous artists, including Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé.

"This partnership is designed to expand Kakao Entertainment's music distribution network and expand its position in the international market by leveraging Columbia Records' unparalleled experience in the North American music business."

Since his debut in 2021, IVE has been steadily becoming one of K-pop's rising stars with three back-to-back singles, 'Eleven', 'Love Dive' and 'After Love', leading to multiple singles. Many variations and millions of entries. It has been sold. "I Have an IVE" is his first full-length album.

"We are very excited to begin IVN's international journey with Columbia Records, which has a rich history in pop music," said Joseph Chang, Head of Kakao Entertainment America. "This cooperation is of great importance for us. We hope to increase the global competitiveness of Kakao Entertainment's music business by strengthening the production and distribution of our North American music and artists."

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The move comes shortly after Kakao Entertainment launched a public bid to take over SM Entertainment, the K-pop company that is home to several popular Korean groups including NCT 127 and NCT Dream, aespa, EXO, and more. :

Kakao Entertainment, a subsidiary of South Korean tech giant Kakao, has grown in recent years and has announced plans to expand its reach and focus more on Korean pop culture presence around the world, thanks to the recent success of movies, TV shows, and more. Performances and musical works.

In recent years, SM and Kakao have focused on promoting the creation of intellectual property related to K-pop talent. SMS recently announced that NCT 127 will be appearing in the graphic novel 'Limitless'.

With the help of IVE, Kakao Entertainment's talents in various fields are expected to reach international markets. Other popular K-pop groups, including Monsta X and IU, are under the Kakao banner.

According to the statement, "with the help of Kakao Entertainment's US-based center, the company plans to implement a comprehensive management system for overseas tours, promotions and album releases in cooperation with the world's largest entertainment companies." the world and seek various types of cooperation to expand their investment in the music and distribution business.

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I partnered with Kakao Entertainment and Columbia Records to release in North America #shortly.

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