Buying Guardion Health Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: GHSI)? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Buying Guardion Health Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: GHSI)? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Shares of Guardian Health Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: GHSI ) rose on Friday 12/30/22 as the stock price rose 0.76% from the previous day's close as strong buying pushed the stock up $0.15.

Actively tracking price action in recent trades, the stock closed the session at $0.14, reaching a range of $0.142 to $0.151. The beta value (monthly after 5 years) was 0.85. Referring to the stock's 52-week performance, the high was $0.74 and the low was $0.13. Overall, the GHSI changed by -15.88% over the past month.

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As the market capitalization of Guardian Health Sciences Inc. currently stands at around $9.21M, investors are looking forward to the results for this quarter which is expected from March 30, 2023 to April 3, 2023. Therefore, investors may wish for the stock to increase in value. before the company releases its earnings report. Analysts expect the company's earnings per share (EPS) to be $-0.03, which is expected to decrease to $-0.05 in FY-0.15 and then to around $-0.13 by FY2023. year.

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Analysts estimated the company’s revenue for the quarter at $2.95 million, with a low estimate of $2.7 million and a high estimate of $3.2 million.

Reviews can be a useful indicator for understanding short-term price movements; therefore, there have been no bullish or bearish changes over the past seven days. We can see the technical chart of the GHSI, which shows that the short-term indicators are showing that the stock is selling at an average of 50%. However, medium-term indicators place the stock in the Hold category, while long-term indicators put the stock at 100% on average.

1 analyst(s) rated their futures rating on the stock on a scale of 1.00 to 5.00, indicating a strong buy or sell recommendation. The stock has 0 analyst hold ratings, 1 buy rating and 0 GHSI Stock Overweight ratings. Meanwhile, 0 analysts think the stock is underweight and 0 think it is a sell. Therefore, investors who want to increase their stake in the company's shares will have the opportunity to do so, as the average rating of the stock is a buy.

Technical analysis of the stock shows that PEG ratio is close to zero and GHSI price is currently trading close to -9.88% and -10.33% from its 20 and 50 day simple moving averages respectively. The Relative Strength Index (RSI, 14) is currently at 40.71, and the 7-day volatility report shows 6.71%, or 9.40% on the 30-day chart. Also, Guardian Health Sciences Inc.'s beta value. (GHSI) is 0.88 and its Average True Range (ATR) is 0.01. The company's stock price is expected to average $0.60 over the next 52 weeks, with a low of $0.60 and a high of $0.60. Based on these price targets, the low is -300.0% of the current price, while the price is expected to move -300.0% to the high of the year. Additionally, investors should welcome the analyst average price of $0.60 as it represents a -300.0% downside from current levels.

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Historical trading data from Guardian Health Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GHSI) shows an average trading volume of 0.57 million shares over the past 10 days and 1.09 million shares over the past 3 months.

About 1.34% of Guardian Health Sciences Inc. owned by insiders, while institutional investors own 7.70% of the company's shares. The short interest data also shows that there were 5.43 million shares shorted as of December 14, 2022, corresponding to a short put ratio of 6.86. According to the data, a low stake in Guardian Health Sciences Inc. (GHSI) was 8.82% of shares outstanding as of December 14, 2022; the number of short shares recorded on November 14, 2022 reached 5.57 million. The stock is down 77.58% year-to-date, indicating further upside potential. This could boost investors' confidence that they are bullish on GHSI stock next quarter.


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