Barry’s Season 4 Premiere Featured An Unexpected Reconciliation, But Will It Last?

Barry's Season 4 Premiere Featured An Unexpected Reconciliation, But Will It Last?

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Warning! Below are spoilers for the fourth season premiere of Barry , Hooray! and "The Best Place on Earth." Read at your own risk!

Barry begins its fourth and final season with the main character in prison, just as we expected from the trailer. Barry is behind bars awaiting trial for the Janice Moss murder, and it turns out he's not alone. Barry is sent to the same prison as his former patron-enemy Fuchs , and this leads to a surprising reunion between the two.

At first, Fuchs was horrified to learn that Barry was in prison with him. After all, Barry promised to kill him as soon as he got the chance, while Fouche told Jean Cassino that Barry killed Janice. Desperate to win before Barry attacks him, Fuchs calls the FBI and offers to turn off the phones in an attempt to further incriminate Barry and gain additional protection.

Fuchs tries to get Barry to confess to another crime in the prison yard, but is shocked by what his former partner has to say. Against rampant confession or outrage, Barry Fuchs apologized. He explains that none of them would be in this position if he hadn't spent the game trying to figure things out for himself. Fuchs was surprised.

Near the end of the first episode, Barry deliberately insults a guard, apparently in an attempt to hit him, and is inevitably beaten. Fuchs is pushed into a room and Barry is crushed, presumably in an attempt to get more recognition from him as he stammers from the beating. When they were alone, Fuchs cut the cord and apologized to Barry for using it. They hug and Barry smiles for the first time in the entire episode.

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Was Fuchs honest with Barry?

As much as I appreciate the connection between two men who have lost everything, I've seen enough of Barry to distrust Fuchs. Even when they were on good terms, she was able to manipulate and deceive Barry to her own advantage.

Unless he can cut a big deal with the FBI, Fuchs looks certain to spend most of his life behind bars. I think this suggests that when Fuchs found out about Barry's move and his work with the FBI, he called Hank and attacked Barry. He may still care about Barry, but Fuchs only seems to care about protecting him.

Will Barry Fuchs be killed?

I also can't believe that Barry won't kill Fuchs before the end of season 4. It was revealed in the premiere that his state of mind was clearly worse, in fact, worse than most of season three. His emotions were all over the place, and so were his thoughts. If she found out something else about Fuchs that hurt her, like a phone call to Hank, I believe she would have killed her former employee and probably wouldn't have cared as much about what happened next.

Barry certainly sets up some interesting storylines for the rest of season 4, especially with Jean and Sally dealing with their own drama. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season ends and why Bill Hader thought the time was right to end the hit HBO series. With Barry possibly getting out of prison to help the FBI fight an international crime syndicate, this season could be very interesting.

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