Bono’s Daughter Eve Hewson Responds To ‘Nepotism Baby’ List: ‘Pretty Devastated I’m Not Featured’

Bono's Daughter Eve Hewson Responds To 'Nepotism Baby' List: 'Pretty Devastated I'm Not Featured'

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There's one "little nepotism" who's been left out a bit: Bono's daughter, Eve Hewson.

The actress, 31, tweeted some snarky responses to the ongoing "fake baby" conversation sparked by her recent New York magazine cover. It's clear the U2 frontman's daughter hasn't seen his name in the speech yet.

"I'm actually pretty devastated. I'm not in the Baby Nepo article. Have you seen my hit show Bad Sisters? The Nerve," Hewson wrote on Twitter, referring to the success of his new Apple TV+ series.

Another tweet from Hewson read, "Target 2023: Achieving enough to be recognized as a Napo Baby." One user responded by attaching an image of an image showing "musicians raising actors" to demonstrate his inclusion in the discussion.

"Holy fork," replied Hewson, who later retweeted the graphic, "I was just informed that I met my 2023 goal and it's still 2022."

Days later, the actress took a more serious tone when she addressed her followers about her "child nepotism" status.

"For those of you who are just tuning into my existence, you ask me a lot of questions about my privilege. And I've always wanted to say how much my father's name helped me start playing," he added. His gratitude for the opportunity.

In a follow-up tweet, Hewson asked people to refrain from taking his jokes too seriously.

"And to the bots and twitter girls who call me a spoiled brat… remember to have a sense of humor in life," the Behind Her Eyes star concluded in a third comment. "And try to be kind. We all need a little more kindness in the world. Much love xx"

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Hewson isn't the first celebrity child to respond to "baby nepotism" talk.

Shortly after the New Yorker 's story went viral, Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, recognized the headline and called her "Oji Nepo Baby" on Instagram. He took the opportunity to address the "privileges" that his "relatable and thoughtful reputation" comes thanks to his actor parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

But The Everything Everywhere All at One's star rejected the premise of the speech, saying it was "designed to attempt to insult, disparage and hurt."

"Funny how we immediately assume and make snide comments that someone who is related to someone else who is famous in their field for their art is somehow untalented," the actress wrote on Instagram. "I've learned that's simply not true. I've groomed and applied to thousands of people for all kinds of jobs, and I strive every day to bring integrity, professionalism, love, community, and artistry to my work. I'm not alone..

Singer Lily Allen also spoke out on the issue, defending herself and her fellow "sons of nepotism" on Twitter.

"The Napo kids should be the concern of everyone who works for law firms, who works for banks and who works in politics, when we talk about real consequences and disenfranchising people. But that's not the case." My business," said Allen, 37, daughter of actor Keith Allen and producer Alison Owens. (Allen's younger brother is Emmy-nominated actor Alfie Allen, who played Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones.)

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