Barbarian Review: The Endless Twists In This Airbnb Horror Film Are A Central Part Of Its Funhouse Charm

Barbarian Review: The Endless Twists In This Airbnb Horror Film Are A Central Part Of Its Funhouse Charm

Director: Jack Kroeger. Actors: Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long. 18,107 min.

Every opportunity in life is actually a risk. For women, any danger is a potential threat. The violent horror film subtly exploits this tension before becoming a chaotic monster movie that constantly raises viewers' expectations.

Tess Marshall (Georgina Campbell) arrives in Detroit for a job interview and finds a man there, Keith Bill Skarsgård, who is staying at an Airbnb she rented for a week. The property, although somewhat precarious, is the only intact home among the many abandoned lots in the city, a symbol of the industry's decline. In a vulnerable situation, Tess discovers that even the green flags are beginning to appear red. Why does Kate open a bottle of good wine if she refuses to drink it? Isn't it a strange coincidence that Tess saw a low-budget documentary filmed by the woman she was interviewing? “There are a lot of bad friends out there,” he said candidly. What makes him think he has the right to tell her? Here's a smart actor: Skarsgård is a charismatic artist, but if you don't believe him, you might not, because he's best known for playing the clown Pennywise in the IT remake, which reminds him of Tim Burton coming to life. .

I will refrain from divulging details. Numerous barbarian twists and turns are central to the Fund House's appeal. Debut writer/director Zack Kroeger, a member of the design team on the comedy You Know the White Boys, also captures the film's sense of place perfectly: the camera hovering at the top of the stairs. He slides down the corridor under the influence of unspeakable misfortune; He stares into the corner, shackles himself in fear.

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As a director, Krieger knows how to deceive audience expectations by drawing on genre tropes before insisting on something realistic. The police here behave differently than in the movies. A common and problematic fear of women aging is not as simple as you might think. Tess may not always make the right decisions, but she's smart when it matters. Campbell masterfully masters the fast-paced tone of Barbarian , leaving room for humor without veering into horror comedy territory.

Former Zipper Creepers star Justin Long has been cast as AJ Gilbride, a sitcom star who has been accused of sexual assault. What he chose to do with it, along with what we think the movie is working on, is amazing and smart. In all this chaos, the Barbarian makes an important conclusion: women still pay the price for male cruelty.

The Barbarian will hit theaters on October 28th.

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