Amazon WorkSpace Thin Client unveiled

Amazon has announced the Amazon WorkSpace Thin Client, a new compact computer that is designed to access cloud-based virtual desktops, and it will retail for $195 in the USA, the device is based on the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

The new Workspaces Thin Client is designed for use in customer services, technical support, health care and many more business, you can see more details aboutg the devcie below.

At first glance, it may look like a Fire TV Cube, but the new Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client is not for spending time watching Thursday Night Football or bingeing Invincible. As the name suggests, it’s intended for enterprise workers to reduce an employer’s technology costs and provide enhanced security.

For a significant portion of the workforce, some form of remote and hybrid work is here to stay, particularly in industries such as customer service, technical support, and health care. Enabling people to work in this way, securely and at the scale large enterprises require, poses real challenges. Employees need quick, reliable access to a variety of business applications and data—regardless of where they are working. Enter the Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client.

You can find out more information about the new Amazon WorkSpace Client over at the Amazon website at the link below,it will be available in the USA for $195.

Source Amazon

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