All About The Kir Royale: The TwoIngredient Cocktail Featured In Emily In Paris Season 3

All About The Kir Royale: The TwoIngredient Cocktail Featured In Emily In Paris Season 3


Hello Emily Paris fans!

A fruit smoothie called Kir Royale is the unsung star of the third season of the Netflix show, and it's easy to recreate and channel Emily Cooper in the right direction with just two ingredients.

Emily (Lily Collins) tries a red fizzy drink that Luke (Bruno Giuri) calls "the perfect drink to sip and spin the Ferris wheel" in his unemployment toast, and it's all over the place. Other types of chapters

Things come to a head after the show when Emily returns to work at marketing agency Savoir after she suggests Champy sell canned fruit drinks: "Canned smoothies, all those things annoy 18-35 year olds."

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The fashion designer's vision came true when the champagne company released a bottled version of Kir Royale. But unfortunately, since Champére does not exist in real life, you will have to prepare at home if you want to try the sparkling drink yourself.

Stephanie Brancheau/Netflix

Kir Royale has two ingredients: champagne and blackcurrant cream, Locke explained on the show. According to Food & Wine , Crème de cassis is a rich black grape liqueur that originated in Burgundy over 150 years ago.

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In a French cocktail recipe shared by Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa offers two easy steps to recreate Emily's favorite drink. First, pour a teaspoon of fruit liqueur into a glass of champagne. Then add sparkling wine, serve immediately and enjoy.

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"It's like a sparkling wine cooler," Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) described in the season finale. "Love her!"

The third season of Emily in Paris is streaming on Netflix.

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